Gig Report: Bucharest Deathfest 2024

Gig Report: Bucharest Deathfest 2024

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On March 2 took place Bucharest Deathfest 2024 at Quantic Club, one of the best venues in Bucharest, an event organized by Coro and Axa Valaha Productions.  It was an evening with amazing bands, some of them seeing for the first time, but not to blabber that much, let’s get straight to business…

I arrived at the venue a bit late but I managed to catch the last songs performed by the first band on the bill, Crimena, which also started slowly to gather the audience. The second band that hit the stage was Riket, a new band to see, but ”familiar faces”, behind Riket there’s Johan Nephente (ex-Netherbird) and members from Terminal Prospect, their performance was a great one, with a modern old-school death metal sound, quite surprising, and Riket’s energy on stage was a blast.

The Bulgarians of Past Redemption were actually a last-minute replacement, unfortunately, the French metallers from Skaphos had to cancel their performance at the event, tho, Past Redemption directly grasped the stage and warmed up the audience already with their brutal songs.

Now, I would put the next 3 bands altogether, Devangelic, Necroville, and Benighted, because their performances seemed like a ”contest”, whose performance was the most brutal, and so it was. The moshpit was not absent, indeed, if Crimena, Riket, and Past Redemption were just the warm-up, I would say Devangelic fired all up with their brutal, intense, and extreme performance which enthralled me without a doubt, their set included songs from their latest album Xul, as well as songs from the past releases. Devangelic is a great band to see live. Next up, Necrovile is already a band known in the Romanian metal scene, and their performance was also intense, moshpit to the max, brutal, and energetic performance.

Benighted, without much talk, hit the stage with full energy, and delivered a killer performance as expected, seeing them for the first time, was a blast, for 1 hour they tore the stage to the max, and the audience went crazy too.

The band I was looking forward the most to see, and one of my favorites, was Hate, every time I see them, their performance becomes more and more intense and mesmerizing, is always a pleasure to see them live. Hate was the cherry on top for me, if Crimena, Riket, and Past Redemption were ”the calm before the storm”  Devangelic, Necrovile, and Benighted were ”the storm”, tore the stage with their roughness performances, and made your head explode, Hate simply let it go, they were ”the calm after the storm”, in a mysterious atmosphere, very pleasant to listen to and see on stage, they never disappoint, that’s for sure.

Bucharest Deathfest was not just a usual evening where you went out to see a few bands performing and have a few drinks, it was also coming across the people you know, it was so great to meet the old familiar faces, and the guest of the evening was ”The Lord of the Logos” himself, Christophe Szpajdel, who for the entirely evening, he was busy making logos, such a nice guy. The Germans from Casus were supposed to close the evening, but unfortunately, same as Skaphos, they could not make it, maybe will see them live another time.  Overall, in conclusion, it was an amazing evening, with great bands, and congrats to Coro who organized it. Till next time!

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