Gig report: Dark Funeral @ April 14th, 2019 | Kyiv, Ukraine

Gig report: Dark Funeral @ April 14th, 2019 | Kyiv, Ukraine

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Another north guests’ coming was marked by very cold weather in the middle of April! That weekend Black Metal bands rush was really big and probably they brought some cold weather with them.

The event took place in Atlas club, which is quite famous in Ukraine. This club had seen many gigs, from some pop singers to metal stars. But the most it is by the summer festival “Atlas Weekend“, which is designed for different music genres’ fans. So I hoped that everything will be on a high level and that exactly what happened here.

I went into the club earlier than planned and from that moment I was unable to get outside, according to the rules of the club. I was really thirsty, so I needed to choose something more or less proper by quality and price on the bar. So I drank a little, met some old friends and was looking forward to the concert.

Swedes started almost on time, with a few minutes delay. Dark intro in the beginning and then the crowd got right into hell. The band started with abnormal speed, so there was headbanging and slam from the first seconds with heavy tremolos and blast beats. Dark Funeral combined fast and middle paced songs very well, so the fans had time to rest and get back to Black Metal storm! Hymn after hymn, the band escalated an atmosphere and I hope that at the end of ritual more than one heart was flamed by Lucifer’s flame. Ave Satanas!

The sound was really good: all the barrage was aimed to the front but didn’t tear ears and chest – this happens when soundman doesn’t know how to do things right or the band has too many ambitions. Instruments were heard very well without mixing in one big bundle. Also, there was possible even to talk if you stand on the scene sideline. So one more time the band showed its best side.

I need to mention that I personally consider this band one of the heaviest and one of the most important from all the legion of Swedish Black Metal. For all the time of existing they didn’t change anything in their music, didn’t play other genres and always moved in one direction without changing their satanic line. As they say, stability is the sign of mastery.

But also I need to say that unchanging style has its lacks and sometimes it’s hard to distinguish one song from another. However, some hits (let’s call them this way) like “Shadow Over Transylvania”, “My Dark Desire” or “My Funeral” were recognized by all the crowd.

An hour and a half passed quick and some people even didn’t believe that the show is over.

It’s not the first time Dark Funeral comes to Ukraine and already has a quite big fanbase – a full house shows it in the best way, though in the same day there was another Black Metal gig from Mgla. So, I really hope that Swedish will come to us more.

For the end, I need to say about some lacks. First of all, it is noticeable that the band has a new drummer: there were some mistakes and the previous one had better and heavier playing. Though it’s only details. Also, there is some issue with the building ventilation: it was quite hard to breathe in the club with such infernal act, lots of people and smoke machines. But anyway there was a good sound and light work.

Thanks to organizers and all involved for the opportunity to see the show!


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