Gig report: Dimmu Borgir @ Stereo Plaza, Kyiv, Ukraine / September 27th

Gig report: Dimmu Borgir @ Stereo Plaza, Kyiv, Ukraine / September 27th

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I can hardly share the joy of fans wanted to see this band because I’m not a big Dimmu Borgir fan at all. With this I can’t deny that the band worked hard to earn their status. But I was really curious about their live sound and their show, after all this is the first time they visit Ukraine. Yet, something went wrong, but I’ll talk about it later.

There were a lot of people near the venue; last time not many bands can cause such stir (or it seems only to me). When I arrived to the club, there already was a huge line of people. Doors opened late, so I worried that I will not get to the show in time. But people entered the club quite quickly and in 30 minutes everyone already was inside.

The show started in time, at 21:00 intro started to play. In that moment my excitement just gone away: when guitars and drums started to play, I firstly didn’t understand where all musicians are? It turned out that it’s just impossible to see them: the stage is quite low in the club, so it seems like there is no one on stage. Ok, I thought that I’ll get closer to stage and will see something, but no: I was standing quite close, 10-15 meters to the stage and still couldn’t see anyone. Also the smoke machine worked on its full power, so it wasn’t only the stage problem, it was hard to breathe! In addition to this, lots of people just stood and filmed the whole gig on their phone. Guys, are you fucking serious? It’s ok, take a photo, shoot a part of the song, but why do you need to shoot the whole gig? You really will watch it later on your phone when there are a lot of live videos on YouTube? O tempora! O Mores!

Anyway, during the gig I tried to see what’s happening on stage. And if I’m right (according to people that were close to the stage, I’m right), nothing happened on stage. Like, really! It wasn’t show at all. Musicians didn’t moved, there was no headbang, not talking about some performance! All right, there was a little theatrical moment when in the end of the show a big drum was pushed on stage and Shagrath beat it, showing some ritual. To make a long story short: it was boring. The positive thing is that there were songs not only from the last album but also some older stuff like “Gateways”, “The Serpentine Offerings”, “Puritania”,”Progenies of the Great Apocalypse” for the encore and of course “The Mourning Palace” (fans would not forgive the band if they won’t play this song).

Few words about the sound: closer to stage the sound was quite distinct, but the far from stage you get, the worse and quieter was the sound.

To sum up: Ukrainians got the crap one more time. The organization was sloppy; I’m sure that there were some bigger clubs with bigger scene and better sound. People got a poor show (in terms of organization and overall delivery) for the quite European price – something like 50$ from the world-famous band.

P.S. I really don’t know all the circumstances: maybe all the clubs refused to take a band (I don’t really believe in it), maybe there were some financial or rider troubles. I also don’t know why the show was so sluggish: maybe they already tired; maybe someone was poisoned or other stuff. I’m ready to apologize if there was any reason for it. But now that’s all I can say.

P.P.S. Many fans would disagree with me because they really enjoyed the favorite band’s concert. But I can tell only about my negative experience. Not talking about a little cramped club and a short 70-minutes set!

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