Gig report: Leprous, Agent Fresco and 22 | 06.09.2018

Gig report: Leprous, Agent Fresco and 22 | 06.09.2018

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I would not call the evening of September 6th as a random evening, going to a gig and that is all, that evening was indeed, a real ”magic one”, all because of Leprous’s perfomance, that, not only amazed me, but amazed the whole crowd.

22 ( Prog/Rock from Norway) was the first band that hit the stage, a band with different elements like rock and electronic, they also call themselves as “the new energy music”. Indeed, in aprox. 3o minutes, they managed to create an energic atmosphere.

The 2nd band of the evening was Agent Fresco (Alternative/ Progressive rock from Iceland), a band I heard about a little before, but had no idea their music is good and really impressed me with their performance. Their songs send atmospheric and relaxing vibes, a band with energy on stage, keeping the crowd ”alive”.

But Leprous, I felt emotions since the begining, a few minutes with Rapahel’s cello intro, then their set started with ”Boneville”, the first song taken from the new album, Malina. Leprous definitely knows how to switch from the heavy sound to a slower one, a nice transition between the songs.

I thought the Norwegians will play one of my favorite songs from the previous album, ”Rewind”, but they didn’t, instead, they played the album song title, ”Malina”, one of my favorite songs from this release; instant goosebumps hearing this song! And yeah, before this, nice of them doing a Massive Attack cover…

Everything that Leprous is doing during their live sets is pure awesomeness: the vibes, the atmosphere, the emotions, Einar’s vocals that is so need to explain more about it, the drum beats, the sound, the elements, Leprous caught me for good, not only myself, but the whole public, is no doubt the gig was sold out that evening!

An evening with three bands that seemed to perfectly fit all togheter and make both an energic and emotional evening! I am looking forward to see them again someday, is worth!

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