Gig report: Marduk, Bio Cancer, Saratan, Svoid, Sear Bliss

Gig report: Marduk, Bio Cancer, Saratan, Svoid, Sear Bliss

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Marduk, Bio Cancer, Saratan, Svoid, Sear Bliss @ Supersonic (Blue Hell & Red Hell, aka Kék Yuk és Vörös Yuk), Budapest
30th April, 2016
Review by Ivona Bogner
Photography by Ivona Bogner

After six months Marduk is back in Europe. Frontschwein: 2016 Europa Part 4, with Saratan and Bio Cancer as support bands includes 5 cities: Brasov (Romania), Sofia (Bulgaria), Novi Sad (Serbia), Budapest (Hungary) and Salzburg (Austria). Sear Bliss and SVOID  were announed as local support.

KVLT (Supersonic Blue Hell & Red Hell, aka Kék Yuk és Vörös Yuk) is an interesting venue. It is placed in basement of an old factory, hidden in dark, small, low ceilings labyrinth. It was announced that concert will begin at 18h. After a long trip, more than 30 sleepless hours, it was hard to be there right at time, but I made it. In front of the venue, group of Hungarian Metalheads, gate still closed. 19h: gates are opened. I bought a ticket, followed the crowd, passed through dark corridor and when I lost the crowd I have followed, I was confused. Two stages? Where to go?


Fisrt band started to play at 20h and I was still confused. It was Saratan, and if we follow the shedule, somehow I missed Sear Bliss and SVOID. Than I realized I actually heard Sear Bliss, only one part of the last song at the small stage, thinking it was only sound check because in front of stage was sound engineer and 5 people. I have no idea when, where or if SVOID played since I was there from the moment gates were opened.

Saratan (arab. Cancer), Polish Death-Trash Metal, influenced by oriental music, was founded in Cracow in 2003. Venue was almost empty, maybe 30 people were standing against the walls. Jarosław Niemiec (vocals, bass) tried to bring fans closer to the stage, but when he realized it is mission impossible, he simply jumped from the stage and played within fans since finally people were encouraged to react.  It was hard choice which songs to play within 20 minues they had, but they made great show. Great interaction with fans, great interaction within band.

Bio Cancer 1

After minimal break, Bio Cancer took the stage (Trash Metal, Greece). Band is formed in Athens in 2010. Same year they released demo “Ear Piercing Trash”. After split “Endless Violence” (2011) they released album “Ear Piercing Trash” (2012), and 2015 brought “Tormenting the Innocent”. Great Trash Metal gig, fast and furious. Passionate but shy band members. Lefteris (vocals) sounds and looks like Chuck Billy meets Joey Belladonna. Also, in their music you can recognize they are influenced by Kreator, Destruction, Morbid Saint… Within 30 minutes they showed Greece has a lot to offer.

Marduk 2

Short break, sound check and… Marduk.

I have already seen Marduk before and comparing this show in Budapest with others I have seen by now, this one was magnificent. After Bio Cancer left the stage, venue was overcrowded. Intro, and here they are: Morgan, Devo and Widigs are ready. After Intro and first riffs of “Frontschwein”, Mortuus joined the band and mayhem begun. “Frontschwein”, “The Blond Beast”, “Rope of Regret” and “Afrika” were the songs Marduk played withing the promotion of their last album.

Marduk 3

Song opus, this time, was wide. Marduk played at least one song from each album. “Still Fucking Dead (Here’s No Peace)”, “Wolves”, “Of Hells Fire”,  “The Hangman of Prague”, “Materialized In Stone”, “Azrael”, “Throne of Rats”…

Marduk 4

60 minutes passed and we were hungry for more. One more song: “Panzer Division Marduk”. Now the venue was collapsing, everyone was in ecstasy, everyone expected more.

“The most blasphemous band in the world” left Budapest behind. Sound was perfect, all the band members performed as it was a matter of life and death. Drumming was extremely fast. Definitely, hero of this concert was Frederik Widigs.

(c) Ivona Bogner

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