Gig report: Mayhem and Inferno (Cze) in Belgrade

Gig report: Mayhem and Inferno (Cze) in Belgrade

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De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas
Dom omladine, Belgrade, Serbia
April 10th, 2017

Death, Satanism, ritualism, occult has never been described so brutal before 1994 when Mayhem released their cult album “De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas” (Deathlike Silence Productions).

When I heard they will play their masterpiece all over Europe, I could hardly believe they will visit Serbia. Thanks to MH Concerts and Serbian Hellbangers, Mayhem visited our country and gave us unforgettable experience.

I was skeptic from many aspects. First of all: concerts in Serbia almost never begin right on time. Mostly, sound is always bad. But, surprise, surprise! Sharp at 20h, Inferno hit the stage. Czech black metal band released their sixth full-length album “Gnosis Kardias” (Of Transcension and Involution) on April 4th, 2017 (World Terror Commitee), so supporting Mayhem is great opportunity to promote new album. Besides, accent was on last three albums. Few candlesticks on stage, just to remind us what are we dealing with, and the show begun. Costumes were appropriate (black shawls, black gowns with occult symbols), and somehow in the darkness I could see Adramelech (vocals) was barefoot, if anyone cares. Sound was great, at least from my position! Despite Czech lyrics, fans feedback was more than expected. Venue was mostly empty, but energy was at high level. 35 minutes later short break, sound check, altar was set, proclamation…

We were asked to turn off our cell phones, not to use flash on cameras. You have to respect that and even if you don’t, Mayhem has done everything to prevent any abuse. Total darkness, lot of smoke, strict security all over the venue, even in front line trying to take photos without flash was mission impossible.

Intro, “Funeral Fog” and the ritual begun! Whole experience was surreal. Scene, lights, costumes… This was theatrical performance led by mighty Attila who had significant compatriots support. Group of fans behind me came from Hungary, even the band will play in Budapest on April 15th 2017. Hellhammer hidden behind his drum set, gave another dimension to the performance. From the beginning till the end, fans were hypnotized, enjoying in every second of this magnificent performance. The flow between songs was perfect. Stone cold band members had minimal contact with fans. .

When the show was over, some still asked for more, which, at least for me was strange. What more?

“De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas”, for all ignorant “fans” has 8 songs, all have been performed in 50 minutes so, what more?

Mayhem is not standard band. This was not standard concert. This was life time experience

Overall impression: we haven’t got high level sound for a long time in Belgrade. With a little help of occult forces, hats down to the bands, their teams, MH Concerts and Serbian Hellbangers.

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