Gig report: Metal East – Nove Kolo – Warm Up Show | Sectorial, Burshtyn, Mutanter, Impaled Nazarene, Asphyx @ April 13, Kyiv, Ukraine

Gig report: Metal East – Nove Kolo – Warm Up Show | Sectorial, Burshtyn, Mutanter, Impaled Nazarene, Asphyx @ April 13, Kyiv, Ukraine

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The event took place at “Bingo” club, which is well known by Ukrainian metalheads: many bands from all the world played in this place. So it’s one of the most suitable clubs to hang out with friends and communicate with musicians. This time the doors were open long before the event was started not for nothing, because there were lots of famous people from Ukrainian (and not only Ukrainian) metal scene: Varggoth from Nokturnal Mortum, Maria Arhipova (Arkona), musicians from such bands like Khors, KHOZZ and many others. Dark Funeral‘s bassist and vocalist, who were supposed to play only next day, were also on the floor. It was great to see some old friends, to meet new people and to drink beer with them. But the time passed quickly and the event has begun (by the way, there wasn’t any problem with accreditation, thanks to organizers). Below you can read about each band separately.


The band plays Death Metal with some Grindcore influences (no wonder, because the band started from this genre), and now some Carpathian spirit was added to the music with some folk instruments like reed pipes and trumpets. I haven’t listen to the end of their set because I wanted to talk with people more, but I’ll listen to them more surely.


It’s a very original band with the music full of Ukrainian Cossacks battle spirit. The songs’ theme also dedicated to forgotten or almost forgotten Ukrainian heroes, who fought for the independence of Ukraine over centuries. This band continues the line of another band from Kharkiv, Dub Buk. Burshtyn has some Dub Buk‘s songs in the playlist, also Dub Buk‘s leader plays in Burshtyn.

The band has unique on-stage image and provides great delivery. As for me, this Burshtyn is one of the main bands on Ukrainian metal scene nowadays. The one lack is their set length: something like 30 minutes, which was definitely not enough for me.


This is also an old Ukrainian band from Kharkiv. Early the band had a name Limited Mutanter but now the name was shorted. With this, music wasn’t changed a lot: it’s still the same old-school Brutal Death Metal. I apologize, it’s not my cup of tea and I can’t say I like it, but their music really qualitative. Also it seems to me that the band didn’t give their 100% on stage and they can make it better; long story short, there was a lack of delivery. But it’s only my point of view because I saw many people gone crazy during their set.

Impaled Nazarene

Honestly, it’s quite hard to describe this band in a few words for those who haven’t seen it. As I see, it’s a mix of Black Metal, Punk and Grindcore. You can’t take this band indifferently: you love it or you hate it. In my case I really loved what I saw.

Like many others, I see some of their songs as Black Metal version of Motorhead, but the closest one to them in genre is the band Vondur (if someone knows about this band). Overall, the Impaled Nazarene performance is one entire Armageddon, and it’s great. Also I need to mention “bulldozer” bass sound, exactly as I like it. The band played all their classics: “Total War”, “Motorpenis”, “Armageddon Warrior” and others, but the band has much more great stuff, so each one who came to see the band didn’t heard something special for him. Though, you can’t play entire ten albums, nobody will make it. Anyway, respect to the guys, especially to Mika Luttinen – he is really crazy!


One more pause and my main course! This is the band I dreamed to see many years, and the time has come! It’s a really cult band, without exaggeration, which plays true old-school Death Metal. Why the hell am I writing it? Those who listened to this band already know about it. Those who didn’t… Are you metalheads or what? I really love this band from their first album The Rack, which torn me to shreds when I listened to it first time and torn even now. One greater thing was to see Martin van Drunen who played in many famous bands and projects like Pestilence, Bolt Thrower, Hail of Bullets; who left the band and came back. I can’t imagine their music without his vocals (although, Asphyx recorded a couple of albums without him).

But let’s get back to the show! It was huge and impressive. On the second song I immerged in an atmosphere that hold me till the last chords or even more. It was like you breathe the music, slide in it – I really don’t know how to describe this. Maybe it’s the second time when the music absorbed me fully (first time it was at My Dying Bride show), and I forgot about the time. Of course, this music is not for meditation, but that’s how it affected me (or it was a beer? Hm-m, no!). So I was more than happy. Thanks to all musicians and all involved people. Thanks for good sound and show. And I hope that three days festival in Kharkiv in the beginning of summer will also impress. See you in summer on Nove Kolo Fest!

P.S. I almost forgot about Impaled Nazarene and Asphyx autograph session! I can’t say a lot about it, but musicians were friendly, took photos gladly and it seems they were please. Well, that’s very good!

@ Translated by Droll

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