Gig Report: Mgla, Martwa Aura & Dagorath @ Quantic Club, Bucharest- September 23rd

Gig Report: Mgla, Martwa Aura & Dagorath @ Quantic Club, Bucharest- September 23rd

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Since it was announced that Mgla will return to Bucharest following the performance from Rockstad Extreme fest from August, the black metal fans were excited about these news. The Polish black metallers have been few times in Romania and the evening of 23rd was the first time I finally got to see Mgla.  

First band to hit the stage was Dagorath, a Polish black metal band which I was quite impressed by their performance. Their music is simply raw, aggressive and for a band that is still new in the scene, they did a great show.

I heard about Martwa Aura before, I think I got some of their new album promo kit time ago, and they were also pretty good on stage. Same, their style is agsressive and raw that definitely stole the crowd’s attention.

Mgla, the most awaited band of the evening, a band that is mostly liked by the Romanian crowd and this was pretty visible during their performance. Even that the crowd wasn’t going crazy as it gets used to be to other band’s gigs, at Mgla the crowd simply enjoyed the show, creating a nice and a ”direct” atmosphere, it is because the band doesn’t interact with the public,  then all goes smooth the entire set.

As they released a new album called Age of Excuse, their setlist contained songs from the new album, aswell from the previous releases. All the songs that were played kept the crowd focused, enjoying their antire performance till the end.

Anyway, it was a night with three Polish black metal bands and a thing I gotta say  is that Poland, no matter what, have some amazing bands, proving that extreme metal (here talking about black metal) can be played by other countries… You know that ”true Norwegian black metal”, it can be replaced with ”true Polish black metal” aswell, why not?

Overall, the event itself was good, well organised, nice public and good it did not rain (as it was an open air gig). Hope for a next time!


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