Gig report: Nunslaughter & Bezdan (Nasty Abyss)

Gig report: Nunslaughter & Bezdan (Nasty Abyss)

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Club Močvara has lately become the center point of live blasphemy, our necks still sores from last time we saw and break bones on Sadistic Intent some month ago and then Nunslaughter arrives. A band with discography the size of China, active since 1987 delivering the „zero fucks given“ devil metal these past almost four decades. If you ask what album they are promoting, well, have in mind that this past year they released three splits, one compilation and one EP, so take your fucking pick.

As satanic lubricant before the main band are and I would dare to say, Croatian distant devil brother to the aforementioned band: Bezdan. Our local version of early Venom meets Possessed with shitload of bullets belts and fast tempo. There is really no band in Croatia that oozes so much of an old school atmosphere like Bezdan.

With hells opening in 20:00, Bezdan started in 21:30 sharp. This is the second seeing them and they are hastily becoming one of mine favorite local bands out there. Sticking with „less talk, more blasphemy sonic assault „the band arrived on the stage and started hitting track after track. Although there was not much dialogue between the audiences, bands gestures and mannerisms towards us were strong, especially with the bass player and the second guitar player. Nowadays bands with this kind stage presence and outfit walk the sliming line of self parody or „being too serious and entering self parody anyway“ but Bezdan pulled the right balance. The sound was also on point, solidly reflecting bands old and new material, showcasing bands progression with more guitar work and leads without sacrificing their established sound. The vibe was perfect, ending with a very much deserved crowd roaring the band’s name. It was that good and I would not mind that the played another hour.

The main band of that night, Nunslaughter also started pretty much as scheduled and another hell opened up and swallowed us whole. I will be perfectly honest with you; I’m not that big fan of the band, the lo-fi production never stuck with me, but seeing the band live is totally another thing. When Don of the Dead & Co. got on the stage you are in with them for an hour and an encore and you don’t leave. With solid sound and tight as hell performance it was a blast seeing them live and grind almost 30 song setlist with the longest fucking encore I had seen in a long while.

Don and the band had an excellent interaction with the audience; often giving fist pumps and the devil horns. Don as the vocalist steals the show as he speaks to the audience, but Wrath on the drums mostly captured my eye with his insane expressions and playing as he is being possessed like there is 60 demons in him. There is zero ego-trips on them that bands exist as long as they do have, so total respect for the guys. Bands like these for the States rarely manage to get their satanic ass to Europe, so if they are in your vicinity, check them out. This is the old school death metal lesson mandatory.


  1. Cerebus
  2. In the Graveyard
  3. Looking Into the Abyss
  4. Fuck the Bastard
  5. Sickened by the Sight of Christ
  6. Power of Darkness
  7. Mother, Cunt, Whore
  8. Ouija
  9. Cryptic Aeon
  10. Church of Disgust
  11. Obsessed With the Visions of a Satanic Priest
  12. I Hate Christians
  13. Worst Nightmare
  14. Guts of Christ
  15. Healing The Possessed
  16. Hex
  17. Church Bizarre
  18. She Lives by Night
  19. The Bog People
  20. I am Death
  21. Banished
  22. To a Whore
  23. Red Is the Color of Ripping Death


  1. It Is I
  2. Midnight Mass
  3. God has lied
  4. 3 Nails
  5. Raid the Convent
  6. Smell the Burning Churches

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