Gnosis (Florida) “The Third-Eye Gate” review

Gnosis (Florida) “The Third-Eye Gate” review

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Gnosis (Florida) “The Third-Eye Gate

Nuclear War Now! Productions

Wow, pretty mysterious band. Looking to the photo I saw mature guys, and I do not believe they never played other bands, but I even didn’t found any info about them, there are on Metal Archives even… but not  big deal to be honest, this is not some main thing to know where they played before, isn’t it? The main thing is music, and here we have what listen to. Ten tracks of black/death metal, basically made with old-school feelings. When it comes to black metal part, we can see here some Greek (and slightly Norway) tunes (I mean guitar parts and some part of atmosphere), and when it comes to death metal, then we have pure old-school raw death metal hellish massacre (mid-paced as well). The whole album mostly sounds with mid tempos, but sometimes, of course, we can hear both faster and slower parts. Also I like a lot those glorious and majestic tunes, like at the song “Cult of the Great Serpent”, sounds pretty impressing and freezing. This is not some kind of bestial black/death metal, but Gnosis’ music able to desecrate your soul as well. “The Third-Eye Gate” sounds on one breath, i.e. you’ll not understand how many time you had listened to this album, because you can listen to it again and again, and to find some new elements with each listening. Worth for attention stuff, without modern or even weak sides, just mature and catching album, with nothing special but made on a good level. Will be released at January 15, 2015. One advise – please do not use this album like “background” for something, because this music is not for “just playing” or “gathering of friends with beers”, you may listen to it with beers of course, but an alone:). After numerous listening to this album I got desire to re-listed to Ares Kingdom albums, why? I do not know, something has reminded me about them while listening to Gnosis.


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