Review: GRAVE DIGGER “Exhumation – The early years”

Review: GRAVE DIGGER “Exhumation – The early years”

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GraveDigger [800]GRAVE DIGGER “Exhumation – The early years”
Napalm Records

It is well known that history repeats.

Veterans and absolutely legends of German heavy metal scene Grave Digger release their Exhumation– The Early Years, which includes songs from early years. So let’s go back to 80’s!

80’s are brilliant period of heavy metal’s dawn. That one, honest, straight and open heavy metal. Yeah, that one with leather jackets, bikers, long hair and fire in the eyes and hearts. Actually, that’s what Grave Digger were, and that’s what they are nowadays, turned in solid metal-machine for 35 years.

So, Exhumation is a recollection, which can’t be called with modern word “Flashback”. Because it’s something bigger that just a “flash” and not only goes “back”. Its returning to the 80’s ambiance, that will never occur again but will remain in memory and in songs from that period of time, which are classics.

This album includes 13 tracks and 2 bonuses. Main part are re-recorded songs from the 80’s. . «Headbanding Man», «Heavy Metal Breakdown», «We Wanna Rock You» та «Tyrant» from debut album Heavy Metal Breakdown (1984), «Witch Hunter», «Get Away» and «Here I Stand» from Witch Hunter (1985), «Fire In Your Eyes», «Paradise», «(Enola Gay) Drop the Bomb» and «Playin’ Fools» from War Games (1986). Bottom line: best of the best from first three albums.
Besides that, there is a song called «Shoot Her Down» ” from demo album, dated 1982 and «Stand Up And Rock» from StrongerThanEver album, released in 1986 and was only release under name Digger. Nowadays copies of this LP are rare and valued.

Exhumation is old good Grave Digger. Old good heavy metal, that isn’t played these days. It’s real heavy music and freedom from the times metal scene’s dawn. It’s 35 years old material, re-recorded and rethought. It is exactly that one “ideal 80’s heavy metal”.

LP released in October, 23 by Napalm Records in limited edition of 100 copies.

It includes CD with two bonuses (new tracks from the future 2016 album) and band’s flag-poster.

You can order your copy here:

Stay heavy!
grdi [800]

Time traveler: Sandra Konopatska

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