Grimoire “L’aorasie Des Spectres Rêveurs” review

Grimoire “L’aorasie Des Spectres Rêveurs” review

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Grimoire “L’aorasie Des Spectres Rêveurs”

Eisenwald Tonschmiede

Hauntingly beautiful and spellbindingly mesmeric, Grimoire’s L’aorasie des spectres rêveurs is truly something to be marveled as one of the most spectacular and enchanting Black metal releases in the past decade. Light, aeriform synths dance amidst dizzying riffs and eerily evocative choirs, creating an atmosphere that is at once captivating and unforgettably moving. Only through sheer beauty alone does this album break any boundaries, however, and therefore, there is little more to say other than to get your hands on it as soon as you can. For what may well be the most stunning metal release to be heard in 2015, it will be well worth the price.

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