Grunge Heavy Rockers BURN THE OCEAN release brand new video for the song “Almost Gone”

Grunge Heavy Rockers BURN THE OCEAN release brand new video for the song “Almost Gone”

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Following their very new album MODERN RUINS, out on February 24 via ARGONAUTA Records, Italian Post Grungers BURN THE OCEAN release their brand new video “Almost Gone”:

The video was directed by Andrea Nicola Larosa in Genoa. This is what Fabio, singer and guitarist of the band has to say about it:

“This is a very intimate and personal song because, lyrically speaking, it’s a sort of dialogue between me and my beloved mother who is not here with us anymore. There’s a big part of me which simply cannot accept this fact and I need to believe that she is still here with me somehow by saying she’s Almost Gone.

The song is one of the most aggressive and intense of the album and with this in mind I started to think about the script of the video knowing that the content should have been strong. I just couldn’t literally transpose the lyrics to a video because emotionally I knew I couldn’t handle it. So I wrote a story about trying to escape what’s inevitable in one’s life. A story about suffering, violence and the consequences of our errors.

I knew that acting in first person it’s not an easy task but we really pushed ourselves in order to give our best performance and I think we made it. Director and long time friend Andrea Nicola Larosa embraced the project and pushed himself beyond our expectations by crafting a true work of art and putting on the table his experience and passion. The photography is top notch and the colors fits perfectly the mood of the story. We always try to push ourselves beyond our limits in terms of quality and production and this time I am very proud of the result and I hope you enjoy it as much as we did shooting it (except for my bones and my whole body which really did not enjoy the shooting sessions!).”

Burn The Ocean’s sound is often described as modern, fresh, heavy yet organic and intimate. You can easily find the band jumping from a “Radio Ready” song to a more classic yet dirty rock one always trying to maintain its huge and groovy impact sound without resulting too much derivative. BTO’s secret weapon lies in having two main very distinct and recognizable vocal personalities which are often melt together alternating solo and choral moments.

Previously this year BURN THE OCEAN released their first video for the song PRECIOUS THINGS, watch here:

The album MODERN RUINS is out now on all digital platforms and it is available at this link:


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