GUTTER INSTINCT signs with PROSTHETIC and unveils teaser

GUTTER INSTINCT signs with PROSTHETIC and unveils teaser

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Prosthetic Records is proud to unveil the signing of GUTTER INSTINCT – raw, atmospheric and blackened buzz-saw Swedish death metal at its finest.
GUTTER INSTINCT was founded in 2012 by Oscar Persson, Hannes Hellman and Thomas Ernemyr in Helsingborg, Sweden, after having played together in various bands over the years. The aim was to unleash a unique combination of grinding death metal – no compromise, no remorse. Starting out, major musical influences included bands like Verminous, Necrovation, Death, Cannibal Corpse, Morbid Angel, Rotten Sound and Napalm Death.
After writing and rehearsing four revolutionary and unholy songs, the band entered Studio Mangelrum to record their first demo tape, “Obedience.” Oppression, anti-religion and total rejection of the establishment were the leading themes. The demo – self-released by the band in 2013 – was swiftly appointed “Demo of the Month” in the leading Swedish metal magazine Close-Up. After some various role changes in the rhythm section, the lineup became Ernemyr (vocals), Persson (guitar), Hellman (guitar), Simon Isakssn (bass) and Ola Håkansson (drums).
GUTTER INSTINCT will release a new EP this spring; stay tuned for more details. In the meantime, get a taste of the band in the below teaser video!

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