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harl [800] Harlott “Proliferation”
Metal Blade Records

Originally this album was released independently by the band at the beginning of the year, but Metal Blade records saw the potential in this perfect thrash album and decided to release it again. I am so glad that Metal Blade Records decided to release it again, because now it is easier and cheaper to get this masterpiece. The second reason and most important reason for me, is that it has a really kick-ass album cover, because the original art work was… well just awful and unattractive. The cover artwork is really awesome, and shows exactly that these guys are here to destroy everything with their thrash attack. Harlott is an Australian band and these guys really want to thrash, and they did it successfully on their second release. The songs are fast and filled with crazy solo’s that blows you into oblivion. The drumming is fast and very nicely done during the songs. And ooooohh the vocals are just perfect!!! Tom Richards has the perfect voice for thrash. “Systematic Reduction” and “Bloodlust” are short and fast thrash songs that will kill you on the spot. “Legion” and “Lord of War” has the best choruses that I heard in a long time… catchy and very cool. “Proliferation” begins with a cool acoustic intro and quickly changes into Armageddon with soloing and insane riffs… Hell the whole album is just insane. Man this band deserve more attention… this is aggressive thrash at its best!!!!


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