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Hiraeth interview

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Black Metal from USA. Enjoy and support!

Hellz Hiraeth! I have listened to your first demo and your music seemed to be interesting for me, so, I got an interest to know about your band more. Internet doen’t contain enough information about Hiraeth, so, let’s start with typical question – tell us about your band, when it was started, where and etc…?
First I would like to say thanks for the interest, Hiraeth started in 1998 under the name Blodsvar, I made three demos on a four track that were never released, maybe one day I will release them when the time is right, I put Blodsvar away then changed the name to Hiraeth in April 2014. It started out as just me, but then I asked Saisir to join as vocals.
One of Hiraeth meanings = nostalgy. If this is correct as for your and, please tell us a bit more, nostalgy for what?
We let the listener to decide, every person has their own memories and lost things of their past, but as for me it is the yearning for the past, the way things once were way before I was born. I never got to experience old times, so I yearn for something I have never had, it is my Hiraeth, I despise modernity.
Your themes are paganism and traditions… Are you Americans? If you are, then why you were impressed by paganism and10723206_1505291639727167_299140687_n which traditions do you mean?
I despise all religion, so I would be lying if I said any religious attributes impressed me.
Your music’ feelings sounds traditionally old fashioned black metal, with some melancholic atmosphere. Are you into old way music completely or you are opened for some modern music as well?
I am personally influenced by the nature right outside my window, the smell of summer dying, the cold early morning dew. But when it comes to music influence, movie soundtracks, and mainly the French/FInnish black metal scene are my biggest influences. I loath modern music today, way too much over production, as well as triggers, high end studios and etc. It kills what I personally think the spirit of black metal really is, which is a REAL, and RAW sound. Then also you have these Antifa types always trying to censor black metal bands. It makes no sense to me black metal should be about intolerance.
Hiraeth contains two members, are you composing stuff together or Nebel is the mastermind?
I write and record all instruments, Saisir writes all lyrics and does all vocals. Occasionally I will throw some clean chants in the background but that is as far as I go with vocals myself. In the next release I would like Saisir to have a hand in music writing as well, we have similar writing styles and listen to most of the same music.
It should be noted Deadsun was completely written and recorded by Nebel, including lyrics. Maybe this was forgotten. I have a hand in lyric writing, recording and overall mastering.
What is your main source for an inspiration? Do you read some books, watching documentaries and etc?
Honestly, early morning jogs in the woods are my main inspiration for writing music, being in fine tune with nature. Also my high distaste for the scum coming in legions all around us. I read a lot of Evolas work, as well as Boyd Rice.
The world I live in is my main channel of inspiration. I don’t think any specific literature actually influences anything I do, concepts maybe, but only partially. I own some philosophical books and quite a but of dystopian literature for leisure.
War and death – could you tell us your thoughts about this? How could you describe your soul’ inner state? Are you opened or closed people? I.e. communication with regular people, means do you like some new dating and etc with unknown people etc?
War is a state of mind, is does not have to mean guns blazing. This is my hypothesis on war. I have a war in my head everyday everywhere I go, That is why I write black metal music, you can be as hateful as you want and express these feelings.
The first part of this question is a bit vague so I will answer it vaguely. War it’s a constant, death is a necessity. As far as meeting people, I don’t go out of my way to, no.
Well, how many time you have spent for composing and recording this first Demo? Where you have recorded it, at the home, using PC or?
It is a full length, I have been seeing demo around, but it is almost 50 minutes long. We recorded at my home studio in the bunker of my house. We recorded in a very short time. I highly despise computer recording so therefore I would be a hypocrite if I was to do so. We made it analogue as possible all microphones on amps no portable devices like pods and ect.
10717900_1505291709727160_876399714_nWhat’s your main an idea? What would you reach with your music? Just your personal thoughts or maybe some special message to the listeners?
Once again I want the listener to decide such things, I want the listener to be in touch with there heritage, and research who there ancestors were, they can learn many things this way. Modern day people are spoiled, they have no concept of family or work.
Do you planning to record first full-length album? How going process right now?
We are currently working on another release right now. I have four kids and a family therefore time is tight, but it will be out this winter. There songs will be a continuation of the first album. We will never change our sound.
As I see – this demo was released by you personally, do you think you should a label deal, or Hiraeth is the band with limited distribution, so to say – just for right (from your point of view) people?
Yes we are doing a personal release for close friends and some contacts, but we have a label now for the official release. We are just waiting on artwork for the album now then the release will be on its way. We try to do two albums a year, one for winter, and one for summer.
The very start of song called “The Glass Lake” remind me some old Norwegian tunes. What’s your relation towards Norwegian black metal scene? Huge percent of American black metal bands do not respect Norwegian black metal scene, ‘coz many of US bands started play it earlier than Norway, and Norway got huge respect just thx burnt churches… What do you thing about this?
I was a big fan of Norwegian scene when I was younger, but all those bands over produce there music these days, so I no longer follow it. I don’t follow American black metal scene really either. Americans don’t understand what black metal really is, it is to corporate thought in these american bands. I really like the French, Finnish, Ukraine, Belgian music a lot. As for the Church Burning I think there is much bigger things which are destroying Europe, Christianity is a perversion to human nature and the old traditional European ways, but honestly I do not think Christianity is not a threat to our blood as it once was.
Norway was never a big deal to me, I see other countries being bigger pioneers. They created an anti-Christian image that is projected onto the entire genre. If vandalism is your thing go on with it, and enjoy your prison time. A church is a building with imagery, the people in that church are the real problem – the leaders and the followers.
Demo contains Graveland cover (worth for attention btw – editor). So, I’m dare to say – you respect Rob’s work, aren’t you? Do you like some separate era of his works or just all he did over the years?
I think Rob is a genius musically. His early work was extremely dark and realistic. Those vocals in those first few releases were disgusting and probably the best vocals in bm history, the dismal organs really did it for me. His early works are a huge influence on me and always has been. I like his new stuff to but not really my style.
I enjoy most all of Rob’s work and appreciate lots of music with folkish taste.
Song “Eternal War” – what about this song?
Continuing one’s personal ideals, so in short, idealism.
Did you received some feedback about your demo yet? Weren’t there people who throwing shit upon Hiraeth? And do you care about someone’ opinions at all?
We have gotten excellent feedback so far, way better than I thought there would be. We like negative attention to, we expect it with playing extreme music.
I appreciate the support we’ve received, but I couldn’t care less of other’s opinions in general.
What do you know about Ukraine? Also, you may know about situation here, war with Russia and etc… What’s your opinion on this topic?
Putin cares little for Russia and even less for Ukraine. I have since lost interest following this topic, for our own problems at home continue as well. My thoughts go out to my Ukrainian and Russian friends, but there is little an American can do to support them otherwise. If you recall events in Iceland, I think the Russian and Ukrainian people will respond similarly. If not, their struggle will continue and their government will own them, much like ours.

That’s all I wanted to know right now. Thx for good music and stay true!
Nebel: Thanks for considering us again. Cheers to your magazine. www.facebook.com/hiraethband88

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