HONEYMOON DISEASE “The Transcendence” review (by Droll)

HONEYMOON DISEASE “The Transcendence” review (by Droll)

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HONEYMOON DISEASE “The Transcendence”
Napalm Records

There is such a thing “oldtimer”. In Europe this world uses for vintage, good looking cars and bikes.
If we’re going with it to the world of music, we got some “retro”, that sounds like a million even nowadays. One of those music oldtimers is Honeymoon Disease, young music band from Gothenburg, Sweden.
Honeymoon Disease is Jenna (vocals, guitar), Acid (guitar), Nick (bass) and Jimi (drums). A long time ago there was another Swedish band, also with two girls and two guys, which was not only world famous, but left a big mark in music history. Honeymoon Disease has all the chances to reach no less success, than their fellow countryman forty years ago.
Because catchy and groovy 70’s hard rock and rock’n’roll would not make anyone indifferent. Not the young listeners, not their parents (I wouldn’t be surprised if their show’s audience is very different aged). Because the mix of Deep Purple, Rainbow, early Motorhead, Thin Lizzy and UFO makes you move and dance, no matter what taste of music you have.
The first single Bellevue Groove was released in summer, and in November, 20 first LP The Transcendence would be released via Napalm Records.
First of all I want to say about vocals. Some reviewers are comparing it with Doro. And there is some truth in it. But when I listened to Jenna at the first time, I thought about legendary Mariska Veres from Shocking Blue. Not even because of voice similarity, but the character of vocal’s supply. Female rock vocals in all its best.
But there many more in their music: great guitar riffs and solos (yes, solos also played by woman) which can be heard in “Higher” or “Brand New Ending” for example. Rhythm-section work is great, with brilliant drum solos. As it can be heard in “Imperial Mind” or “Fast Love”.
Honeymoon Disease, in general, is one more confirmation that women are also rocks. Take a look on Jenna and Acid – they looks totally badass. And their music can make even the dead one dance.
Honeymoon Disease, ladies and gentlemen! Let’s get groovy!

(c) Droll (Ukrainian version on dailymetal.com.ua)

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