Humanitas Error Est “Human Pathomorphism” entire album stream

Humanitas Error Est “Human Pathomorphism” entire album stream

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First, there was an idea, a project with negative thoughts against any religions and pure misanthropy. It’s about confronting the world with its own brutality, its own sadism, its own hypocritical statement of liberty. It’s about unleashing indomitability, stir up hatred. It’s a scornful critical examination at mankind itself. Searching for musicians with the same view, in July 2013 Ahephaïm and S.Caedes met Ghoul, the third member of HUMANITAS ERROR EST. One month later Tsar and Rogan joined the band, so the musical creations could begin – with brutal cruelty, right into the face. In October 2013, Azogarr completed the band as the second guitarist. Unfortunately Azogarr had to quit the band in May 2014 for private reasons. After a longer search for a suitable replacement, Void114 joined the band in November 2014. Every musician is part of the whole. Each one has his own ideology, his own meaning of life, his own musical influences. Removed from politic and being no weak sheeps in the horde, all members have one thing in common: pure misanthropy and negative energy encourage them.

“Where is your god, when creatures like us are raging?!”

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With ‘Human Pathomorphism’ Humanitas Error Est opens the first chapter of its pandemic hatred against mankind. A brutal black metal assault upon this sick world.


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