HYMN sign with SVART records

HYMN sign with SVART records

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Svart Records announces the signing of Norway’s HYMN. The first fruit of this union shall be the band’s debut album, Perish, which will be released later this summer.

Hailing from the Oslo underground, HYMN have paved their way forward with their multiple full stacks, hard-hitting drumming, and an uncompromising approach to volume and tonality. Starting out early in 2013, the two-piece have kept a heavy foot on the throttle, pushing their raw and brutal doom over the Norwegian rock/metal scene as much as possible. By sharing the stage with bands like Windhand, Eagle twin, Uzala, Enslaved, and Belzebong, and by playing some of the biggest festivals in Norway (Høstsabbat, The Øya Festival), HYMN have grown to become one of Norway’s loudest and most hard-hitting live bands to date. Begun earlier this year, the band hit the studio to record their debut full-length, Perish, and the two-man juggernaut are now looking towards the border, eager to hit the European road with their cold, aggressive doom, made with merely four hands.

A statement from the band reads:

“A long, loud, thorough, emotional, and really fun process is finally documented into approximately 50 minutes of music, titled Perish. The last year has surely been a defining one for us, and we are really proud of the result. The album is definitely a more brutal, more refined, and a much colder experience than our self-titled EP from 2013, and we do feel that this album really represents where we want to be musically right now. It’s recorded, mixed, and mastered by Kim Lillestøl at Amper Tone studio in Oslo, and we pretty much recorded the whole thing in 48 intense hours. We are really looking forward to take the album on the road, and are are super-stoked that Svart Records wants to release it.”

Indeed, HYMN will be hitting that European road for the following tour dates:

15.04 Leeuwarden, NL @ The Morgue w/ AttackRobotAttac
16.04 Groningen, NL @ ORKZ BAR w/ AttackRobotAttac
17.04 Gorinchem, NL @ Podium Gorcum
18.04 Liège, BE @ La Zone w/ Conan, Deuil, Angakok
19.04 Cologne, DE @ Limes Köln
20.04 Tournai, BE @ TBA
21.04 Bonn, DE @ KULT41
22.04 Paris, FR @ Le Cirque Electrique w/ remote
23.04 Metz, FR @ La Chaouée
24.04 Lyon, FR @ TBA
25.04 Milan, IT @ Bloom
26.04 Nuremberg, DE @ Projekt 31
27.04 Freiberg, DE @ TrainControl
28.04 Prague, CZ @ Klub 007 Strahov
29.04 Ostrava, CZ @ Burn the Witchbong w/ Argonaut
30.04 Berlin, DE @ Backdoor Party


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