Hyperial interview

Hyperial interview

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Atmospheric Death/Black metal from Poland.

Gretings from Ukraine! Hyperial was formed back in 2006, am I right? 8 years ago, but I have heard your music just several days agoJ. Couple months ago you have released new album, called “Blood and Dust”, doesn this album have some conception or deep an idea?

Hello! Yes, Hyperial was established in 2006. Not long ago we released our latest album, which by definition is an rapid, brutal ,but also is very climate building . We wanted to go one step further by combining death metal, futuristic electronics and symphonic licks. “Blood and Dust” is a conceptual album by far. Humans as totally complex beings inspired other people to reflect on their existence. In the texts I’m describing the imaginary world of the not too distant future and the man who on the one hand try to exist in the existing realities, and fight with a wild humanity after the nuclear era, the same time he becomes crazy. I present human nature, of man that struggles with his problems. It’s like psychoanalysis of human nature.

What means Hyperial?

Name of the band comes from ‘Hyperion’, one of the Saturn moons. We just changed ‘Hyperion’ into ‘Hyperial’, due to large number of bands using the name of ‘Hyperion’ J. It’s kind of our own word formation.

Your first album “Sceptical Vision” was released long time ago! 4 long years ago, ane just one EP between albums. Does this mean you haven’t any ideas for album or you had some personal reasons to waste 4 years? For sure – this is not a goal to do 1 album per year, but 4 years is a long period, do not you think?

You’re right, our first album definitely came out too long ago. Through the past four years we had personal problems in band. After release of our first album, we had first change in band, our drummer left. Then, just before recording of our EP we ‘goodbye’ second drummer. We struggled for long time, to find new drummer. Finally we’ve meet Bocian, our current drummer , that learned very quickly and recorded ‘Industry’ album with us. After ‘Industry’  we calmly been making the material for our “Blood and Dust”.

And looking to the first album, comparing to the new one, do you feel you have achieved some new level? And do you see Blood and Dust more professional or smthng like that?

I think that our latest release is more mature, more consistent conceptually and musically. The compositions do not have any random sounds, we been creating according to previously established concepts.

Your facebook page says “Eclectic metal”, what do you mean under this title? As for me, you playing some kind of progressive death/black metal. But what the sense you put in this word – “eclectic”?

You see, by your own in question you already specified three styles of our musicJ. We also heard descriptions such as ; deathcore, Industrial metal, Blackened death metal, symphonic metal, melodic death metal and even djent.  Therefore, we have simplified it and just called it „Eclectic metal”. The term itself, we borrowed from the Art. it simply means compilation of creativity, linking different elements and content from a variety of styles.

Do you have an idea what SHOULD fans know about Hyperial?

Hyperial is a band that consistently strives for the purpose of creating original muse and again embedded in the genre of metal music. We are a band playing heavy/hard and fast muse that fires up live on stage. We strive to break the stereotypes of brutal music.

I have read about your lyrical themes – “Armageddon, Death, Misanthropy”. Can you please tell us deeply about these themes from Your Own visions?

As I previously said , man since ever inspired other people to reflect on their existence, death is all around us and should be looked at carefully. It turns out, doing a kind of psychoanalysis of human character that the pursuit of destruction lies in the nature of every human being, just a matter of whether we nurture an primitive instinct called ‘evil’ or something learned such as ‘good’. Evil will always be more interesting by the fact that it is in everyone. It is more complex and we are fearing evil. Under conditions in which no one  commands to control ourselves, humans stop to control themselves and primitive instinct is getting stronger. Many people watching a world full of lies, people talking about themselves that they are good comes to the conclusion that nothing in this world cannot be regarded as a certain stabilization hence the fascination with the end of the world.

How often do you think about death? From your point of view – death – is it the end or just beginning?

Death is the end for me. It’s logical=) Before we were born we didn’t feel, we had noconsciousness. I don’t admit that a small part of me that makes me believe, however, death isn’t the end.

Why you have changed the label? “Sceptical Vision” was released by Wydawnictwo Muzyczne Psycho, but “Blood and Dust” by BlackTeamMedia (who is into brutal stuff mostly).

We signed the deal only for Sceptical Vision, our debut album. It was nice start for us, because we needed make a step to be a part of Polish music scene. In this step of our being on scene we can do everything our own forces. The production, promotion. But we’re still looking for label which is not limited only to sending copies of next release. BTM helped us to spread the word about Hyperial.

I have found some liiitle Behemoth’s influence in your music; do you like their albums? And how could you explain those similar things? I know MANY Polish bands, which music contain some elements, which reminding about Behemoth=).

I appreciate the band even though I’m not a big fan of it. Not all cd’s I like. What is important in Behemoth is that each plate trying to surprise fans, it is a very honest approach.

For me – Polish Metal Scene is one of powerful! Do you agree with me? I just know many bands do not agree with that, but for me Poland have TOO many Great bands within ALL possible styles! Also is there some metal brotherhood? Like – do the bands help each other and etc?

We just love to play brutal=).  We really have strong metal scene and we are very proud of it. More known bands help less known bands by inviting them to perform before them. With the local bands is the same, you can feel the support on every step.

“Music by Hyperial except “Luciferion” written by Tower.”… + last song on the album is Tower’ cover. Tell us more about this, ‘coz it can be not very understandable=). Tower was split-up, correctly – changed name and style, now they have title “Good City” and playing… what they playing btw)))? Anyone from you never played in that band… So… please tell us more.

No, no, Tower is not existing anymore, but they recorded two CD’s called “The Swan Princess” and Mercury”. For most of us, Tower is very important band, because they inspired us when we were young, they were our Idols. We wanted to play like them, we wanted to look like them, darkly like them, in one word, we were fascinated. Tower was from our small town. In the days back then (in the second part of 1990’s) thanks to Tower, many venues, was organised in our small town. They simply implanted the idea of becoming “metalhead” in us=). “Good City” was also a band from our small town ,”Tower’s” drummer was performing in it but they are also not existing anymore.

Darklady and Grochu played in Dusk and Sword, but these bands were split-up many years ago. Aren’t they playing in some other bands right now? Just Hyperial? The only Bocian have another band?

We simply don’t have time to play in other bands, we fully focusing on Hyperial. Creating this band gives us complete satisfaction. Yes, Actually Bocian is playing in other band called “Thempest”.

Who are you in the common life? Are your relatives support all you doing with the music?

So  in our life we all working somewhere. Work gives as great satisfaction. Family always supports us, they accept what we do in music.

Well, that’s all I’d like to ask now. Thx for your time and I’ll wait for your new album and maybe some gig with Hyperial on the stage!

Thanks for such interesting questions :)! See you, maybe somewhere on the shows in Ukraine. I greet all of our Ukrainian fans. Hold on, be tough and stay unbroken \m/.


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