Infernal Execrator to release new album ”Obsolete Ordinance”

Infernal Execrator to release new album ”Obsolete Ordinance”

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Singaporean black metal act Infernal Execrator are set to release a new album entitled as Obsolete Ordinance. 

The album will be out on July 27th via Pulverised records.

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In a span of four years since the band released their debut album, INFERNAL EXECRATOR’s sophomore record features some of Black Metal’s prominent musicians; Sacrilegious Rite frontman Ex Ipsis-Mors , Ludo Lejeune aka Ludo Evil and Infernal Vlad of Cult Of Fire all contributing guest spots on Obsolete Ordinance.
 1 Infernal Execrator (True Blasphemous Conqueror)
 2 Incinerate Halakhah Theorem
 3 Scions Of Irreverent Bloodshed
 4 Northern Superiority
 5 Quintessence Of Timeless Void
 6 Supreme Barbarous Ordo
 7 Obsolete Ordinance
 8 Absolute Celestial Condemnation
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