Infernus “Grinding Christian Flesh” review

Infernus “Grinding Christian Flesh” review

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Infernus “Grinding Christian Flesh”
Moribund Records

What’s up, kids? Haven’t you forgot what does Black metal means? Have you prepared yourself for punishment by pure darkness, called old-school black metal? Yeah? Then you must start listen to American Infernus with their last effort, with such tasty title – “Grinding Christian Flesh”! Althought their music is not CLEAR black metal and there are some thrash metal tunes also, this album sounds purely fucking correct and obscure. All I have heard from this album was classical, skullcrushing, full of blasphemy and darkness black metal, with an excellent stench from the past, from the glorious ’80- early ‘90s, when Black metal has unbelieveable power! 15 bleeding by christian’ blood songs, including covers to Inquisition and Horna, which make your soul much darker. When we speak about such albums, we only can say they are good or bad, and as for “Grinding Christian Flesh” – I can say just one word – excellent! Infernus brought us really shredding music, fast, merciless, full of hatred towards christian sluts, and with huge dose of aggression. Each song is just like hellish hurricane, which spilling the blood of christina sheep on the altar of ancient goat, and pressing left chunks of christ into dust the of times! Thus if you are not fucking wimp and know what black metal is all about – this album will be more than awesome gift for your damned black soul! No more to say – pure black metal darkness, with huge classic black metal roots, those good old black metal – with dosen of thrashing madness – both rhythmically and by typical guitar solos here and there! The bands came into my mind – Venom (song “Whore Of Christ”! Just listen to the rhythm-section!), Dissection (some melodic parts), Bathory / Destroyer666 / early Sodom (devilish black-thrashing parts!), Carpathian Forest (song “Candles, Horns And Tongues”)! 666 approved by Antichrist! \m/


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(c) Aleksandr Maksymov

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