Interview Agressor

Interview Agressor

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Interview with Alex Colin Tocquaine, the frontman and bass player of the French Death Metal band, Agressor.

11392869_858383117565201_3876245676974171005_n Hi Alex, how things are going?
Hi Carla, I’m fine thank you. Can’t wait the Bucharest gig!

First, tell me when the band was founded.
Agressor was founded on 1986, with 3 members at the beginning, then we added a 2ndguitar player.

There exist some demos, but the first debut album ”Neverending Destiny” was released in 1990.
We have recorded 4 demos:
1986 -The Merciless Onslaught
1987-Satan’s Sodomy
1988-Mixed Reheasal
1989-Orbital Dsitortion
”Neverending Destiny” was our really 1st album released in 1990 by Noise records and produced by Boss for Black Mark Prod. We ‘ve recorded it in the famous Sky Trak Studio in Berlin.

What can you tell me about the second album ”Towards Beyond” released in 1992?
This one was released in 1992 by Black Mark Production and recorded in Stockholm at Montezuma studio, it was also produced by Borje  “Boss” Forsberg. At that time, we‘ve changed the line-up into 4 pieces and we started to change into Thrash/Death style.

You have released only 2 EP’s, right?
We‘ve released :
1993-Satan’sodomy, this one is the re-issued the Agressor side of the Split LP Licensed To Thrash released in 1988. We called it Satan’Sodomy because the tracklist is the same as the demo of the same name.
2002-The Spirit of  Evil was released with the bonus from Medieval Rites album. It features James Murphy as lead guitar and live recording from European Rites Tour featuring Kai Hahto on drums.

How the recordings were going on the ”Medieval Rites” album?
We’ve recorded this album with 2 different drummers Kai Hahto from Rotten Sound, Wintersun, Nightwish for the fast parts and Morten Nielsen from Furious Trauma, and session drummer on Mercyful Fate “Into the Shadows” from the most heaviest songs including classical music orchestrations. It was recorded on Summer 1999, it was the reformation of the band after many years., The recording went good with the session guy, and we have experimented lots new stuff on this recording, we weren’t supposed to record the King Diamond cover, it was some kind of  warm up jamming session, but we decided to record it because it was fun.

Last release was in 2006. Are you preparing for a new album?
“Deathreat” was our last record to date and we ‘re composing new songs for a forthcoming record but before we gonna release some of the old released because they’re not available anymore or only 2nd hand and very expensive. This releases gonna be full of bonuses.

All over the years, have you toured over Europe or other continents?
We’ve been touring in the past in continental Europe, U.K. and Scandinavia only with bands such as Cradle Of Filth, Sinister, Messiah and many more.

Are there shows confirmed for this year?
We’re going to play in Bucharest at the Old Grave Fest the 10th of
October. For the moment it’s the only one confirmed. I focus on composing new songs

What are the main lyrical themes?
It depends on the period but maily it deals with Occult, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Gore, psycho path, old tales and legends. It happens also with some news stories sometimes, depending on what we hear, see and read.

How do you see Agressor fans?
With my own eyes of courses hehe. By the way, metal people are very faithful, they are big fans, so I’m grateful to take part of that.

Do you have a message for the fans?
Thanx for supporting us for many years, and keep on supporting us.

Thank you Alex, it was my pleasure. All the best!
My pleasure too, see you soon!

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