Interview Bioscrape (By Carla Morton)

Interview Bioscrape (By Carla Morton)

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Interview with V. (drummer) of the Italian Groove metal band, Bioscrape.
10615467_862843187107039_380025624231894603_n Hi V, how are you?
I feel great, thank you!!

A few words when was Bioscrape founded?
The band was formed in June 2006, next year will be our tenth year on the stage.

Your debut album was released in 2011, ”EXP. 01″, what can you tell me about it?
The album has been really painful: we got it after a deep suffering, both personal and musical, due to a terrible disease that took away our friend and lead singer, Sandro. Then we decided to deal with concept-albums because we liked (and still we like) the idea of a unique identity of all our works, rather than recording ten tracks unconnected. For “EXP.01” we decided to deal with chemistry topic in all its aspects.

“Psychologram” must be the second full-lenght, is it released yet? If yes, what can you tell me about it?
The album is already available in all main digital stores and we are waiting for the official date for the release in Europe and Japan.

On what lyrical themes are you focusing?
“Psychologram” is a concept-album talking about “real science fiction”, that is, we wanted to connect everyday life with an alien world, underlining the distressing, dark and overwhelming side of the unknown space,same emotions that we can find in our daily life.

Who mainly use to write the music in the band?
We have a collaboration and a division of roles: none of us invades the compositional space of someone else. We suggest an idea and if everyone agrees, we develop it together. Each one of us write the part related to his instrument, presents it to the others and then we outline the track structure, so we can go ahead with the arrangement and the effects, always all together.
12019770_977725635618793_4200302085307379306_n About shows, are there any confirmed?
We are moving already for next year with several dates for spring. We are waiting for the details and confirmation of one tour in Italy and one tour in Europe.

Other future plans for Bioscrape?
Getting higher and higher, to bring the Bioscrape to as many people as possible, to be able to play music full time and to record the third album (we are already working on it) .

A last question, do you have a message for all those who support you?
We really thank them of being our nourishment and of giving us the incitement and the strength to do a better and harder work.

Thank you Toio for the answers, cheers!
Thank you for the opportunity given. Stay Scrape!

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