Interview Bloody Invasion (By Carla Morton)

Interview Bloody Invasion (By Carla Morton)

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Interview with Marek, guitar player of the German Death metal band, Bloody Invasion.


Hello Marek, how things are going?
Hi! First thank you for the request for this interview. Yes things are going excellent,we live much and go further as we have WormeHoleDeath records as a good partner by our side, so everything runs well.

Please tell a few words when Bloody Invasion was formed.
We, Bloody Invasion, have established in October 2012. Five musicians who came first, all from the other bands like Succubus, Burning Steel, Apnea, Betalmand and Hellslaw, came together to pursue a common goal: this German Death metal band. The first years were the songwriting and finding the common denominator. This has been found more quickly than expected, and so the first songs were hammered. When the playlist had received the necessary mechanical pulp, we started our live showcase (since early 2014). The resonances were very good and the “Bloody community” grew. We want the audience to introduce our music and going after hard race and entertain them.

You have released the self-titled EP last year and this year you’ve released it via WormHoleDeath records.
Yes, we have our first 2014 self- titled EP recorded and were lucky that WormeHoleDeath records helped us and the CD worldwide release was this year.


How the recordings went on this EP?
We recorded the songs in our rehearsal room and took all together with a producer, after the mastering was done at Hell-Sound studio and all was done.

Have you started writing new materials?
Yes, we are already working on new stuffs. It is difficult because we are traveling a lot lately at concerts and festivals and we had some line-up changes but we keep it and want to takeup at the end of 2016. A debut album and then hope again to collaboarte with WormHoleDeath records to release the new album.

What can you tell me about the influences of the band?
Our influences are mainly the old school Death, Thrash & Black metal elements that are introduced into our songs: Egde Of Sanity, At The Gates, Sodom, Asphyx, etc.

Are there any shows confirmed so you can promote the release?
Yes, Metal Meeting Festival on 06.05.2016 and 04.24.2016 a small weekend tour in Prague and we
are currently planing  a tour in Germany in the middle of February and at the end of May 2016 but there are no exact dates.

Any other plans with the band?
Shows, shows and recording our debut album.

What is your message for the fans?
Let us work together for a couple of hours to have fun and forget everything bad in this world. Metal will never die!

Thanks Marek, Cheers to you!
Thank you for the opportunity to have this interview. Thanks for the support! Stay bloody!

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