Interview: Bodyfarm

Interview: Bodyfarm

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Interview with Thomas Wouters, the vocalist and guitar player of the Dutch Death metal band, Bodyfarm.


Hello to you Thomas, how things are going?
Things are good, thank you!

First, tell me when was Bodyfarm founded.
In the late summer of 2009, when Quint (drums) and I decided to form a Death metal band.

Recently you have released the third album under the name of “Battle Breed”, tell me about it.
We took learning from our previous releases. We wanted it to be dark and melodic like The Coming Scourge and vile and venomous like Malevolence. We combined these ingredients, and there was Battle Breed. It’s kind of a concept album since it tells tales of actual battles throughout history in chronological order.


You have 3 other releases: an EP and two albums, what can you tell me about them also?
That these have been written and recorded in a time of 5 years, so we’re a pretty productive band.

Who mainly use to write the music in the band and which are the lyrical themes you guys are focusing on?
I usually bring a songframe with some riffs to the studio. We’re jamming on that all together and alter some things, and a song is born. We keep playing it weekly so it develops itself throughout time. Lyrics are mainly about war, death and religion. The cliché death metal package.

What about the Bodyfarm’s influences?
From black to thrash, from death to doom. We listen to a lot kinds of metal. No particular band.

Are you going to tour soon to promote the new album?
We really hope to do a full tour, but it’s hard to find a nice package. Some tour promotors try to charge you thousands of dollars also. We’re not doing that. We are willing to pay for the bus since it costs a lot to get that thing moving, but we are not a pay-to-play band. So when the time and the circumstances are right we’ll hop on that bus.

Cyclone Empire is the previous label you were signed into and you have signed a new deal with metal Blade records, as it looks.
No. Cyclone Empire released Battle Breed. Metal Blade Records USA released The Coming Scourge in the USA and Canada.

What is your message for the Bodyfarm fans?
We hope to see you somewhere down the road! Cheers!

Cheers Thomas, thank you for your time, rock on!
Thanks and cheers!


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