Interview: CADAVER

Interview: CADAVER

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Norway’s Cadaver are back with a new album entiled as Edder & Bile. Anders Odden (also Satyricon), took the time to answer some of my questions about the new release, the guest vocalists on two of the songs, working with Dirk Verbeuren (also Megadeth) and others.

Hi Anders, hope everything is well there! How are you feeling?
Hi! I am feeling great!

Even tough Cadaver was on hold in 2004 until 2010, right? Yet passed 16 years to release a new album. Why took it so long?
I was busy with Apoptygma Berserk, Magenta, Celtic Frost, DMTMC and Satyricon as a musician, manager, producer, tour manager, along with writing 3 books, movie script, producing other bands and living my life.

New album Edder & Bile, what is the story behind this album?
I met Dirk in 2014 and found out that Cadaver was the band that pushed him into extreme metal. Being one of the best drummer in the world, getting him to play with me was a no brainer. Without him I would have not been where I am today with this.

You’ve also released an EP this year, D.G.A.F. You were busy this year, considering the current pandemic situation, what else could bands/artists do…?
I almost died in January from cancer, but fought my way through it all and now I just spend as much time as I can in the studio recording and working on new music.

You are both managing the guitar and the bass. Wasn’t this overwork for you?
And f*cking vocals! Yes, but I wanted to push myself to the limit and see if I had the capacity to do it. I always work as a maniac than chill. It’s 100% on or 100% off with me.

And the vocals, of course! I had the chance to see Dirk [Verbeuren] live toghter with Megadeth; he joined Cadaver before being part of Megadeth and I’d say he is a drum “beast“, that’s how his drumming sounds on Edder & Bille. Tell me how is to work with him and what is his involvement in the band?
Without Dirk, I would not have had the balls to do everything else. He is a drum god and we agree 99% of the time. He can record 10 songs in a day, he is a machine. It’s incredible to have a creative relationship with such a capacity.

Tracks “Circle Of Morbidity“ featuring Possessed Jeff Becerra and “Feed The Pigs“ featuring Kam Lee (solo Kam Lee, Massacre), how was to work with them?
I met Jeff Becerra when Possessed did a photo shot in Hannah Verbeuren studio where I slept during the recording in January 2019. He is one of my biggest influences on vocals and when he said yes to join, I was super stoked. I have known Kam since the Myspace era. When me and Dirk finished “Feed the Pigs“ demo in 2016, I didn’t know I was going to sing the whole record and sent it to him as it had a Florida feel. He came back with the true Florida vocals and pay tribute to that scene.

“Reborn“ is one of my favorite tracks. What can you tell me more about this track?
I’ts a song I rewrote from the Cadaver Inc days 20 years ago. I always felt this song had more potential and it is a true bastard between death and black metal where my heart always were.

I also like “Circle Of Morbidity“.
Thank you.

Recently I had an interview with Rachael ”Hecate’’ Kozak where she mentioned that you would be part of her band’s new album, Hecate. What can you tell me about it?
I’ts a project I have not had any time for yet.

What informations can you tell me about Order and/or Satyricon, possible new music soon?
Order is going to record a new album in January and Satyricon is getting into a secret huge project I cannot comment on.

When do you think bands will be back on stage? You too, along Cadaver, Satyricon.
The 15th of January Cadaver will play a show in Oslo. I hope it’s not gonna be postponed again.

Ending the interview by saying that is amazing you are healthy now and cancer free! Hurra! Thank you Anders for your time having this interview. Cheers and rock on!
Thank you for this!I am back and not going away anytime soon!

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