Interview: DARK

Interview: DARK

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Sweden’s Dark is back with a new EP after 6 years. Their self-titled debut from 2015 is an album that I liked from the beginning, and here they are with Inside The Void, a 4 track EP, following the same sound path- dark, gothic, heavier.
I had the chance to have a chat, again, with vocalist Erik Molarin, who has answered some of my questions about the new EP and other stuff regarding Dark.

Hi Erik, nice talking with you again! How are things going? And a kudos to the new EP, I like it a lot!
Hello! It feels great to be back. We are more than happy with the EP, it turned out exactly as we wanted.

A new release after 6 years. This time with an EP called Inside The Void. First, why took you so long to release new music, following the 2015s debut?
We’ve been experimenting back and worth with our sound, and it took us some time to find something that made the songs justice. The album was something else, that felt right at the moment. But we wanted the EP to focus more on the lyrics and we wanted to find a way to really make everyone feel something when they heard it. From reviews and from people that contacted us, it seems like we did it right.

But when did start writing the EP and how the recordings went?
We started writing at the same moment we released the album. We don’t have any problems making songs. But we feel that we need to make the songs right, and that’s when time comes into play. When we knew what we were going for we recorded the songs live in the studio, and worked from that. Because of technical limitations, we had to record the lyrics separately to get the sound we wanted.

Whats the EP about and its lyrical themes?
I have promised myself not to give away too much. But the short answer is anxiety of the common person. We’re all going through rough times in life, for different reasons. And when I wrote the lyrics I highlighted some of those reasons.

The sound, as well some elements, remained the same as the debut release: dark, gothic, bit heavier… Whats your approach when it comes to the sound?
The album was, like I said, something else. We went for minimalistic, naked and dark. Now we found ourself in a more classic goth rock genre, with more focus on melancholy, anxiety and dark.

The EP cover would represent a prophet. What can you tell me more about it?
No comment on this one. You see what you see. You know what you know.

So far, what feedback have you received from the media and the fans?
We have not heard one single bad thing about the EP. And that actually scares me a little. We’re used to people grouping up, fans and haters. The haters seem to be quiet this time. A little boring to be honest. Haha.

Can you mention a few things that influence you?
I can only answer for myself here. I know bands that influence us when writing songs, like The Cure for example. I found all the inspiration for the lyrics in my own life. Been through a very tough period of my life, and ventilated it through this EP.

Are you considering a full lenght album in the future?
We don’t really know. We have more songs ready, but it’s to early to tell if there’s going to be an album or something else.

Thanks for this interview Erik, it was my pleasure. Cheers!
Thank you so much. It’s always a pleasure!

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