Interview: DEAD AND GREY

Interview: DEAD AND GREY

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Today I’m going to have a short interview with a very unique artist behind musical project DEAD AND GREY.

Hello, could you present yourself please?

My name is a Steven Lewis. Im 27 years old. Born and raised in Florida then moved to Oklahoma city where Dead and Grey was born. I’ve been here for 4 years now.

When did you started your project DEAD AND GREY? Who are the members of this project? Where are you from?

It started as my craving to make an black metal album the way I wanted to. I listened to Datktrone, Mayhem, Blut Aus Nord, Deathspell Omega and I’m just get so inspired by it. I am the only member of Dead and Grey. I record, program intrusments, samples, noises, and vocals. Everything is recoreded with virtual intruments on garageband on my ipad. I first started when I got an iphone 5 and I downloaded garageband to mess around with. That was 2014 and I was living in a living room with a bunch of people. I just wanted the raw and the evilness from that and protray my image on raw black metal.

Why this name DEAD AND GREY? Is there any explanation?

Theres really no explanation to the name. I actaully was stumped on trying to find a good band name. So I kept it simple.

Where do you record your material?

I record my music on garageband with virtual intruments. Its an easy program I use a lot. Im not computer smart or anything. Its just very simple to use.

What are the topics of your material?

The topic of Dead and Grey is depression, suicide, and anti religion. I try to mix things up when i make albums. My Artifact albums focus on anti religion, the antichrist and Satan. Path of Sulfur was more of DSBM than anything. I like to mix it up and but it always dark and raw.

Would you consider your project as a satanic anti-religious one?

I do. Because I dont just focus on burning churches or buring the bible. I more focus on killing Christians like or beheading Jesus Christ. I like to go beyond the boundaries and try to make it evil as possible. Its more christian hatred than anything.

Did you release any of your materials on a specific label or independently?

Most of my stuff is released independently but i am on a small noise label called Eternal Eye. One my best friends runs it and just released a split called Life Is Worthless with Nerocaine from Austin Texas.

What’s your concept when you found DEAD AND GREY?

My concept was nature and black and white. Living in the city is hard to find beatiful scenery. I try to explore and take pictures of the sky and surroundings and find hidden tunnels or chill in a graveyard. That how i see Dead and Grey.

Did you have any collaborations or splits with other bands?

So far I did a slpit with Highborne and Nercocaine which is on my bandcamp for free. I do have a few splits and a collaboration coming soon in 2017.

Can you define the type of your sound with three words?

Raw, loud, distorted.

Do you play live shows or simply recording your material and launch it on the net?

My first show was in July 2015 in a car garage. It was a noise show with Bone Magic, Aunts Analog, Moslem and a few others. I had two of the shittest amps to play on cause i was so broke and my ipad. I just hooked it up and play along eith the intruments and everyone loved it. I did a few shows this years. I went to Austin Texas and played at Beerland which was great. I do plan on playing more shows 2017. Hopefully a tour as well.

What are your musical influences?

So many! The main one that influence me was Deathspell Omega, Abigor, Mutilation, and Horna. Theres so many more but those are what influence Dead and Grey more than anything.

What are your thoughts on raw black metal scene on USA?

I think its good. Im glad its still thriving especially when you got bands like Deafheaven taking up the scene. Im glad people still use that atmosphere to make music and i know it will stil continue to be the best.

What are your future plans for DEAD AND GREY?

My future plans is just to keep writing and making more music. I dont wanna stop. 2016 I dropped 5 albums. I just had some much inspiration that I cant just hold it in. I said to myslef after I was gonna take a break after Path Of Sulfur and two months later I drop Iniquition Studies. 2017 I plan to just make more music and play more shows. That what I love to do. I dont want money or fame. I just wanna make black metal.

At the end of this short interview can you mention some of your official network and social media websites?
Every album is free. Go download them.

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