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Demon were one of the stalwarts of the legendary N.W.O.B.H.M scene and have just released their new album Cemetry Junction which is the bands thirteenth LP. We had a chat with vocalist Dave Hill to hear all about the new album, the N.W.O.B.H.M scene, what he thought of punk and what the band are up to next.

Hi Dave, Your new album Cemetery Junction is out now. How did the recording of the album go?

Gavin, we had the tracks written for Cemetery Junction prior to the recording the album and we recorded and mixed it over a period 12 months off and on.

What has the reaction to the album been like so far?

The reaction to the album has been quite amazing up to now, many reviewers and fans are saying it’s as good as anything we’ve done before, not bad after 36 years.

What are some of the songs on Cemetery Junction about?

Are You Just Like Me is about the spirit of man from early times to modern day,
Life In Berlin speaks for itself. Turn On The Magic, is about Dynamo the illusionist, magician. Queen Of Hollywood is about struggling to make it big in Tinsel Town.
Someone’s Watching You is a modern day Night of the Demon. Drive of course is a song about driving, truckers etc and The Best Is Yet To Come, this song is written as though it was the soundtrack to a Mad Max film as I am a big fan of those films.

The albums cover is understated, especially when compared to a lot of metal album covers. Did you just want to let the music do the talking?

I loved the cover from the moment I saw it as it’s sheer simplicity makes it stand out from the crowd.

Who were your inspirations when Demon were just starting out?

Hendrix, Pink Floyd, Sensational Alex Harvey Band and Led Zeppelin.

What was the N.W.O.B.H.M scene like when you were first starting out?

30 something years ago, great memories, we all have start somewhere, now 13 albums later!

You must have some fond memories of those times?

N.W.O.B.H,M ,great time, great place, great bands, then it was all over and we all moved on to forge our own musical careers.

Which other N.W.O.B.H.M bands were you a fan of?

Too many to mention!

Demon started out around the time that the second wave of punk was getting big with bands like Discharge, GBH and The Exploited. Were you a punk fan at all?

I thought the second wave of punk was very exciting and as we were on Clay records I got to go into the the studio with Discharge on a number of occasions as our manager and great friend and Clay founder Mike Stone invited me to be involved, crazy!

The band ended 1992 and reunited in 2001. What prompted you to get back together?

The band never split, we just took some time off to do our own thing.

You’re playing a launch party for Cemetery Junction in Stoke On Trent at the end of November. Are you playing the album in full at the event?

At the launch party we will be playing a number of tracks from the new album along with all the Demon favourites.

You’re headlining at the Metalcova festival with Mythra soon too, have you got any other upcoming live dates?

Yes, this week we play Metalcova Festival next week and then Stoke and on the 3rd if Sheffield. Further Dates are being lined up for next year.

How did your recent show at Live Evil at The Dome in London go?

Live Evil was a great gig, one of the best we’ve had in London and the fist one there for 15 years.

Did you debut much new material at that show?

No, just a mixture from our last 12 albums.

How would you describe a Demon live show?

The Demon live show is a mixture of old and new music and (to use an old word) to entertain our audience and deliver a first class musical concept for all.

What song do you love playing live the most?

I enjoy playing all our songs.

What is the best gig or tour that Demon have ever done?

The best gig at the Docks Hamburg, it was Demon and Domain and the best tour was Demon and Domain 1988.

Who would Demon love to tour with?

Led Zeppelin.

What has been the most memorable thing to happen to the band on the road?

Again, too many to mention!

How does touring differ now compared to the early 80s?

Touring still feels the same to me as long as there is an audience and a stage.

What have the band got planned for next year?

To play live as much as possible in the future.

What do you think of the state of heavy metal in 2016?

Healthy, always something going on.

How do you feel about the rise of social media and the music industry nowadays?

The market as changed over the years, the world is now instant, downloads have taken over from records, social media is god, all things will pass but rock will never die because it’s our religion.

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