Interview: DRANG

Interview: DRANG

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Hello Andre, how are you doing?

Andre: Hi, I´m fine thanks.

You’re the man behind the project Drang, an experimental, atmospheric, Black Metal project from Germany. How did you start your project, tell us more something about Drang, and what’s the meaning of Drang?

It started almost 10 years ago. I was the Drummer in a Pagan Black Metal Band called “Ars Goetia”. I had so many Ideas for new Songs but they didn´t fit into our Music Genre.
So I formed a Solo Project. My intention was to do something without any rules of following just one type of music.
Also I wanted to keep money out of this project. If a Band starts to earn money, they have to give something back (Good Gigs, Good Songs, whatever). But I can´t write this kind of music under pressure. I try to put the feelings of Experiences into my music, but there aren´t experiences every day that would be worth to write a song about it. Sometimes it takes 5 years to finish a Song. And all of my stuff can be downloaded for free.
That´s also why I reject every inquiry from Labels. It won´t work for me.

“Drang” is the German word for “urge” and i just had the urge to do a project where i can do whatever i wanted to.

I saw on your bandcamp page too many demos also it’s correct in fact that your project is tagged as neo-classical and also Atmospheric Black Metal. I listened your ‘’Ars Vivendi’’ and mostly your last singles. Wonderful Atmospheric Black Metal with classical touches, where do you find your inspiration for all these beautiful melodies on the other side, and all these aggressive and atmospheric sound on the other hand?

As I said, my inspiration comes from the things which I experience. Sometimes they are happy, sometimes melancholic and sometimes aggressive. I just try to put the emotion in a Song with the different instruments i can play. I guess most Musicians act like that.

What are your musical influences?

I listen to a lot of different kinds of music. Basically there is Metal (mainly Black Metal). But I listen to a lot of Blues, Jazz, Funk and Rock as well. It´s important to be open minded to everything new. That´s the only way to be creative in my opinion.

Where do you record your stuff? How are  you going through recordings? Are you having any difficulties seeing that you are a one man black metal project?

The Drums are recorded in a rehearsal Room. I also play in some Bands (Paragon Belial, Shredhammer etc.). So there is a Drumkit.
But sometimes I just use a VST plugin and programm the Drums. It depends on the Song. All the other instruments and vocals are recorded on my couch in my apartment haha. This is where I feel comfortable which is very important to get a good recording session.

There aren´t any difficulties on doing a one man project. I play every Instrument I need to get my ideas in a song by myself. And I don´t need to compromise. I just do what I want, that´s what the project is all about.

Do you play live shows in Germany?

No i don´t. It doesn´t feel right for me. I love to play live shows with my other bands, but Drang is not made for this. Maybe one day with a “Special Black Metal” show. Who knows?

What are the topics you treat on your albums?

They´re very different. Sometimes it´s easy like on the twin pack Album “Ars Vivendi” “Ars Moriendi”. I just wanted to put life and death in a contrast. To show both sides everyone has, the good and the evil ways.
Sometimes it´s very unclear like on “Ad Astra”, which is full of different Music Genres. And sometimes it´s all about the feelings to one person like on “R. K.”. I never know what an Album will be like when I start to write it. Like I don’t know what my life will be tomorrow.

Do you like piano? It’s hard today to find atmospheric black metal bands that play piano parts.

I really like the piano. For me it´s the instrument with the most possible ways to show emotions. That´s why I use it quite often.

Can you tell us something more about  your last track launched on your bandcamp page entitled ‘’Babylon Zenith’’? It’s a masterpiece I can say.

Thank you very much. I really appreciate that you call it a masterpiece, but it´s very unspectacular. I just was drunk on my couch and recorded some riffs and put them together haha. My neighboors needs to hate me I guess. But the Song means a lot to me. As I said, all my songs are about important private experiences I´ve gone through. But I won´t talk about this, because I want the listeners to do their own interpretation. But if someone really needs to know the background about a Song just write me a private Mail.

Babylon Zenith is just the first song for the upcoming Album. I handel it always like that. Write a song, upload it, write the next song, upload it until I think the Album is complete.

Are you having problems with other people copying your material? Don’t you think it’s time to protect your material using copywright?

I really do. It´s no big deal and I think I can handle it with confrontation. It happened a few times. Then I just talk to them and everything is fine.
It cost money to do a copyright. As i said I want to keep the money out of it. To remain faithful to it I need to take the risk.

What are your future plans for this 2017?

No plans. Just keep it on.

Thank you very much for the interview.

Thanks man. I really appreciate that. Cheers

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