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Event Relentless’s Juho Raita (vocalist and guitar player), answered some question about the band’s new album Circle, the new label, album feedback, touring and other stuffs.

After two EP’s released, finally your debut album entiled Circle is out. What is the musical dorection you went on, also what is the theme behind the album?
Musical direction is more straightforward on this album compared to EP’s we’ve released before.

The idea was to write songs that will work at live shows – in your face and catchy stuff.

Theme of the album is closing the circle, when some chapter ends in your life, new doors will open. It somehow felt natural to name the album Circles because the title track of the album is made about 6-7 years ago, being the oldest song of the whole record. Lyrical themes of the album is mainly about life in general: relationships, finding yourself, different feelings and so on.

It was released through Wormholedeath records, before you were into Inverse records roster. How is it so far, to work with WHD records?
So far it’s been good! Natasa from WHD has helped us alot with the release of this album, so we’re thankful for that!

What feedback did you receive so far for the new album?
From what I’ve heard it’s been good. And as I said before, the idea was to write songs that will work well in live shows and they have absolutely done that. We’ve played 4 shows so far this year and there has been moshpits going on every single show, that’s nice!

And your video got many views, that is quiet nice! Did you expect that?

It was actually our goal to hit 20 000 views on this video, as our previous one had 10 000. So yes, it’s nice. Thanks to all the people who have been blasting it!

Lately, you have toured a lot in the Balkans, Baltic area nd Eastern Europe. Any plans to tour more, promoting the new album? Where would you like to tour next time?
We would like to tour anywhere really. Of course it’s always nice to play in new countries, so Southern Europe would be nice.

In which country do you consider you had the best crowd while touring?

Ukraine, Lithuania, Serbia, Romania and Poland – these countries have had the best crowds of all the 14 countries we have played in. Of all the countries, I would say Ukraine has been the best so far.

Are many metal bands, especially new comers in Finland, you are one of them and since you are active on the scene, you started in forces, touring a lot ad mentioned earlier. At the moment, how do you see yourself in the Finnish metal scene?
We’re really underground band in Finnish metal scene. Most of the shows we’ve done with the band has been abroad while touring.

Finland or outside?
Outside obviously. We have always liked to tour and visit new countries, that’s the plan for the future also.

Maybe I will see and meet you again very soon!
Hope to see you soon too! Thanks for the interview.

Is there anything else would youblike to share? Future band plans?
Check out our new debut album “Circle” and also check the music video of “Falling”. Thank you!

You can buy “Circle” here –

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