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Sickening Horror released a sick album called “Overflow” and George Antipatis was kind enough to take time answering these interview questions. He is the guitarist and vocalist in the band and in the interview he will give more detail about the band and their latest release “Overflow”.

Hi!! First I want to say thanks for answering these questions. Can you give the readers a little background on Sickening Horror? (When did the band started, why you chose sickening horror as band name etc etc)

Hello! The band started in January 2002 and from the begining we wanted to experiment with extreme metal and inject various influences creating with each record something new. The name means horror that is sickening hahaha and in retrospect I would say we should have chosen something deeper but we were very young at the time the band started.

Between “The Dead End Experiment” and your latest release “Overflow” there is a gap of 5 years. Why did it take so long to release a new album?

Mostly because it happened to be the stage in our lives that we switched from school/college life to adult life, with day jobs and everything. Obviously we don’t live off the band so we had a bit less of time to put in the band.

But finally the album is here and it is very sick!!! It is very unique, like something that you are not used to. Can you guys explain how the writing process is within Sickening Horror?

Yes, it is out after all! This time we really wanted to move on and leave many of our main features behind. You know, you cannot force inspiration to come, it just happens. The key is audio visualization (if that makes any sense at all). You may experiment with a couple of chords and a whole song with vibes and soundscapes presents itself in your mind. That is the most important thing, to capture the feeling, the essence. The rest is just tracking it down on a music program and orchestrating it.

Sickening Horror has released three albums to date and they all have a different style of playing. What I mean is for example “When Landscapes Bled Backwards” was really fast and out of control while “Overflow” is slower with well thought compositions and very deadly. Can you explain why the change?

It is exactly that. For this album we wanted to have dynamics. No constant blast beat/double bass. There are still this kind of parts but only when it is necessary at the peak of the intensity. To make this contrast more obvious we used many melodic lead guitars as well.

What I found interesting about “Overflow” are the deep meaningful lyrics. Can you explain a little more about the album title and themes of the songs on “Overflow”? Is there a main theme going through the album or has each song a different theme?

Overflow has to do with repetition. Repetion of patterns. Patterns in loops. On this repetition though, this loop, there is a breach, a loophole. But even if there is not such a loophole overflow happens eventually and the system collapses. The outcome can be either negative or positive. Now take this concept and adapt it to any kind of situation. To things happening in your life, to your way of perceiving things, to the way imagining things, anything. Is there an overflow happening or going to happen? Can you find the breach? Each one can experience the lyrics on its own state of overflow. 5 songs of the album deal with this theme. 3 of them deal with reaching infinity (‘Interstellar’, ‘Versus Entropia’, ‘May The Ground Not Receive Thee’) and finally ‘The Day The Worms Became KIngs’ has more of a social approach dealing with the natural order of things.

“Overflow” is released by Deepsend Records. How did you guys come in contact with Deepsend Records and are they doing a good job promoting the album?

We just sent out promos to labels and Deepsend made the best offer. Do labels promote albums these days? haha just kidding. The truth though is that musicians have to do much more things than before, promoting their music / managing the band.

Are there any touring plans for the future? (If there is will you come to Holland? pleeeease!!!)

Nope, no touring plans at all. At the moment it is very difficult to arrange a tour in terms of time and money. We had played in Holland 3 shows on our first European tour.. Fun times!

Which metal band had a big influence on you that made you decide to pick an instrument and form a band? What are your top 3 albums of all time? What are your favorite bands and what are you currently listening to?

Actually it’s not a metal band. I was blown away by Babylon Zoo when I was 12 years old and decided that I have to learn to play the guitar! Just right after came Maiden, Slayer and the rest. Top 3 albums at the moment: Cannibal Corpse – Gallery Of Suicide, Arcturus – La Masquerade Infernale, Queensryche – Operation: Mindcrime. Favourite bands: Cannibal Corpse, Fear Factory, Nevermore, The Project Hate, Slayer. Currently I just can’t get enough of the new Leprous album! What a masterpiece!

The last few years there a lot of good bands with killer releases coming from Greece. How is the metal scene in Greece and what are your favorite Greek metal bands?  

That is true. Greek scene is at its best with the only problem always being the lack of touring. Rotting Christ will always be the best greek metal band. From the new generation, Raw In Sect are fucking spectacular and are currently on a 2-month tour in Europe.

Thanks for taking time answering these question! Anything else you would like to share with our readers?

No prob! That’s all by me, thanks!

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