Interview: GOATH

Interview: GOATH

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Can you tell me how Goath began and how you ended up agreeing on the name Goath?

I had the idea for a band like Goath long time in my mind and when I told Goathammer about the idea he was totally into it. The only problem in the beginning was to find a good drummer who could handle the drums, but Goathammer asked Serrator and he was also into the idea and the concept of Goath. We both wrote songs and with the first rehearsal we were sure that this is more than just an extreme metal band and the name Goath was found pretty fast as well.

On your Facebook page, you state that you swear to the oath of the goat. Can you tell me about what that means to you?

The oath of the goat is actually an Impaled Nazarene song and the title fits perfect to the satanic concept of Goath. The band is pure dedication to death, darkness and Satan and this is what oath of the goat means to us. Goath is actually a mixture of the words oath and goat.

What drew you to play black metal and death metal?

When I was 12/13 years old I started with punk music, but got into bands like guns n roses, priest and maiden months later. A local punk guy gave me a mixtape with punk and metal bands. The next step was the discovering of bands like metallica, sepultura, sodom & kreator and when I listened to morbid angel years later it was like „yes, that’s it! that’s what I was searching for all the time!!“ this was more than music, this was just pure black magic, serious devil worship. Later a guy from a local record store showed me bands like immortal, impaled nazarene and marduk and so I felt the same like when I first listened to morbid angel. This happened in the mid 90’s. The doors to hell were open and the rest is history. I started my first bm band in 1997 and now there’s no return!

Who are some of your influences for the style of metal that you play?

It’s the late 80’s/ 90’s black and death metal that inspired us. The bands I already mentioned and bands like Dissection, Deicide, Angelcorpse, Blasphemy. Bands that are serious and honest worpshippers of darkness, death and satan.

What is the metal scene like in Germany?

The metal scene in in germany is really strong. We have really many good bands nowadays and there are a lot of great festivals and concerts. Doesn’t matter if it’s thrash, black- or death metal or traditional heavy metal.

Can you tell me about the writing process for the record and what some of the lyrical themes are and what messages you were trying to convey?

Goathammer and I started writing songs at home and each time a song was ready we recorded the riffs, sent them to Serrator and met at our rehearsal room. There were no discussions about riffs or drumming, everybody was satisified with songs from the beginning. The lyrical topics are satanic, antichristian, about darkness, chaos and death. That’s our message and that’s all Goath is about and that’s enough to know for people outside the band.

What was the toughest thing you would say about recording this record?

We recorded the album live in summer and it was one of the hottest days last year. That was for sure the toughest thing during the recordings. Everything else was really excellent.

How has the reaction been from the media and your fans about your record?

So far we read just 4 reviews which were quite good, but we know that there are always some reviews which are not that good where some guys are trying to tell you that what you do is nothing new, but we really don’t care.. Some friends of us listened to the album and liked it pretty much, but it’s not available now, so we’ll see what happens within the next months.

What plans do you have moving forward as far as new music and touring goes?

We continued the songwriting after recording Luciferian Goath Ritual and we have already 4 new songs ready. We will play some indoor festivals in germany this year and have some requests for a minitour, but we’ll see what’s really gonna happen. We want to play live as much as possible especially in foreign countries.

In conclusion, is there anything that you would like to say to your fans?

Thanx for your support and thanx to everybody who bought our demo and supported us on our last tour with Graveyard Ghoul and Morbid Panzer. Listen to Luciferian Goath Ritual in darkness and at maximum volume! Hail Satan!!

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