Interview Images At Twilight (By Carla Morton)

Interview Images At Twilight (By Carla Morton)

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Members of Ragnarok, Gromth, In Vain, ex-Blood Red Throne decided to set up an Orchestral Black metal band under the name of Images At Twilight. Recently the Norwegians signed with Indie Recordings and soon they will release the debut album. Below you can read an interview with Bolverk (also in Ragnarok) about the upcoming album and other stuffs about the band.
11052480_973361036055486_6024589416351133649_n Greetings Bolverk, how are things going?
It’s good. The Images At Twilight album is due for release the 27th of November and we go on tour with MASTER the 22nd of October. The first single from the album will be released around October 10th and then another one after the tour. We are also putting the final touches on the new Ragnarok album that will be released in the spring, so things are definitely happening.

Tell me when was Images At Twilight founded?
The concept of IAT was conceived by Andre Aaslie (Gromth, Scream Magazine) in 2011. In the beginning Jontho from Ragnarok was playing drums and Izagh (Bloodthorn, Pershed, session for Mayhem) played guitar with me. Now Anders Haave (ex. Blood Red Throne) plays the drums and I am playing guitar by myself. The aim for the band was to play extreme, symphonic black metal and when we started writing the material we were a little afraid that it was going to get too “commercial”, but we didn’t have to worry. I turned out seriously extreme.

Soon you might release the debut album. Can you tell me something about it.
Sure. The album will be released on Indie Recordings the 27th of November. Lyrically it’s kind of a concept about kings, which is also the title of the album…Kings. We have received very good feedback on the pre-listening sessions from the press and there is already a couple of 6 out of 6 reviews out there. Musically it’s a sick mix of extreme guitars and extreme drums accompanied by a carpet of keyboards and symphonic orchestra all through the album. The singer, Narrenschiff, is very capable and he impresses us with his wide range every rehearsal.

You have signed with the Norwegian record label, Indie Recordings.
Yes, and we are very proud about that. They are a good, international label and their roster is very impressive. We are in good company with bands like Satyricon, Solefald, 1349, TNT…and the list goes on… We are very happy with the work Indie has done for us so far.

What are the influences of Images At Twiligh?
There are many influences. For Andre I know that Yes and other 70s prog is a big influence as well as Devil Doll, Bal Sagoth, Dimmu Borgir and other symphonic black metal bands, and probably a lot more that fails to come to mind at the moment. My influences lie more in traditional heavy metal and thrash metal, as well as a lot of other genres including black metal and prog…King Crimson, Emperor, Venom, Motorhead, Stormwitch, Saxon, Death Angel…I can mention hundreds of bands. The curse of being a guitar player is the endless search for the riffs, you know. Most guitar players are bound to be influence by guitar-based music and it’s always a challenge to free oneself from your instrument and see the music as a whole.

Are there any shows scheduled for this or for the next year?
At the moment we are rehearsing for a European tour with MASTER that starts the 22nd of October. After that we have a release-party for the album in Norway and hopefully do some other Norwegian gigs as well. We are hoping for some festivals next year, but nothing is booked yet.

Do you have a message for the people who have heard about Images At Twilight?
For all you guys who have seen us live and checked out stuff in the internet, the wait is finally over for you and for us as well. The album will finally be out on the 27th of November. I hope you’ll enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed making it and we are looking forward to seeing you all out on the road. Thanks for the support so far and we will prove that we are a force to be reckoned with.

Thank you for your time, Bolverk, cheers and all the best!
Thank you and take care!

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