Interview: INFERNO (Czech)

Interview: INFERNO (Czech)

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Greetings Adramelech! Thank you for taking your time for this interview. First of all, congratulations on the new album Gnosis Kardias (of Transcension and Involution)! It’s one of the most unique sounding black metal albums that I heard in my recent memory.

Greetings and thank you for the words of praise. Yes, this album is rather unorthodox and distinct. We did progress somewhere else with Gnosis Kardias, into territories previously unknown to us. But I also think that such course could be anticipated as the new album is a more-or-less continuation of Omniabsence Filled by His Greatness, however we have elaborated, re-evaluated and expanded all its aspects. The new record is subtler, more figurative, cinematic and more elaborated. On the other hands, it also presents more extremes and ways of interpretation. Gnosis Kardias really lives a life of its own, certainly more than Omniabsence… And that’s only beneficial.

How was the writing process for this album? It’s quite different than the last one.

Actually the working process of the new album was very similar to the previous one. First, we set a certain background, a possible concept and idea(s) we stick to. But during the process it is all significantly elaborated, as we try to make everything a single coherent whole.  As we create, the words and compositions we have are often re-worked but it all goes hand in hand. I think that we have been finally able to find a balance, between just following inspiration which comes and go and following a fixed conceptual line from which the lyrics and music sprout. However, the creation is act of discovering and knowing one’s self, which opens possibilities that there is indeed something beyond the reality, something which cannot be known by senses and reason. And this reflected in Gnosis Kardias quite well I think.

It has been four years between your new album and Omniabsence Filled by His Greatness, what was the band doing during that time?

We played many European concerts, two Mexican tours, all this while slowly creating the new music. All went as it was supposed to. We are not really interested in resting so we keep doing what we find fulfilling.

What was the inspiration for this time? Can you give us some insight on the lyrics?

The album’s conceptual essence was summed up in the introduction of the album: “All that is real is created and governed by things that are unreal and all that we perceive is a mere dream within a dream – a shallow existence we ostensibly control. Before we step further, searching, into the endless universe, take a look into yourselves. A proper and deep stare, until everything that surrounds you and especially you alone, loses its superfluous nature. The album is a profound introspection and consequent expansion beyond the ordinary perception. A glimpse of the end, with which everything starts anew, and glimpse of the beginning, in effort to descry what preceded the countless cycles of contractions and expansions. The encounter with darkness and light of the innermost essence of man, that originates elsewhere.”

The original, working title of the album was “Involution of Lucid Existence” but during the process of creation we opted for “Gnosis Kardias”, translated as Knowledge of the Heart because our search and work came full-circle at that time. It refers to the inner searching, the return to the essence, discovering your own divine spark within the mundane, illusionary existence. It is a realisation, the knowledge which transforms the very core of one’s “self” and consequently everything that emerges from it.

On the lyrics; you still sing in Czech language although the titles of songs are in English since Black Devotion in 2009, why do you prefer singing your mother tongue?

We don’t want to express our emotions and reveal our inner movements in a different language than our own, native one. We will not toss away our identity for a possible greater attention or wider understanding. It would be a nonsense after all those years. Singing in Czech became a part of what defines us. Also why should we try to translate our inner darkness into a language which we have not mastered fully? I think it would be limiting for the expression. I was born Czech, I have been speaking it whole life and there is no need to use a different language.

This is the second album that you recorded in Necromorbus Studio, how is it to work with Necromorbus?

The cooperation has been completely professional. We have come to certain mutual understanding and so Tore Stjerna was able to capture what we really wanted to achieve even though it was often difficult to express it with mere words. The actual process of recording was standard like in every other professional studio.

The new album was released through World Terror Committee from Germany, what happened with Agonia Records, your previous label?

We signed a deal with Agonia Records for two albums, which we fulfilled. Then we decided to contact several labels around the world as we thought that we should give it a try at least. Also back then I was becoming more and more dissatisfied with the way how Agonia worked and some of the obligations which were agreed, were not fulfilled from their side. Which I consider very unfair from the label of such calibre. Labels works for bands and bands for the labels, there has to to be some honesty and sense of honour. At least that’s how I view it. Anyway, I think that approx. 80% of our emails met with positive response. However when W.T.C. showed interest I knew that they would be a perfect label to release Gnosis Kardias. Now, the cooperation is very professional and communication is smooth. They are the right people for the job who act more than they talk.

How is the metal scene in Czech Republic? Do you have any bands that you could recommend us?

The local scene is small and nothing really significant happens here. I don’t really pay a great attention to it but the bands I could recommend are for example Cult of Fire, Silva Nigra, Sekhmet, Mallephyr, Kult Ofenzivy, Triumph, Genus and Avenger.

What songs off Gnosis Kardias (of Transcension and Involution) will be incorporated into your live set?

Most probably the songs “The Innermost Disillusion” and “Ω > 1 (Oscillation in Timelessness)” but first we really have to rehearse them tightly and right now I am not certain if we will play them at Ukrainian concert.

After the release of the new album, what are the plans for Inferno?

There are already concerts and tours planned for the coming months and we are slowly working on the split with Devathorn from Greece. We are constantly hungry and we feed the beast.

Thank you so very much for you time.

Thank you as well. Ukraine, get ready for us.

The war never ends.

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