Interview: Jari Kuuisto of Carnal Forge

Interview: Jari Kuuisto of Carnal Forge

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Swedish thrashers Carnal Forge have recently released their brutal new album Gun To Mouth Salvation and their precise blend of thrash with crucial melodic death elements just gets even more savage. We caught up with rhythm guitarist Jari Kuuisto to hear all about the new album (the first with new vocalist Tommie Wahlberg) as well as the bands history, highlights and tour plans.

How and when did Carnal Forge start as a band?

Carnal Forge was formed in 1997 by me and Stefan Westerberg. Me and Stefan had been talking for years to do something that would be more thrash than we had done before.

How did you come to name the band Carnal Forge?

Really simple actually. Both me and Stefan just loved the song Carnal Forge on Carcass album Heartwork and thought that it would be cool to name the band after the song.

Your new album Gun To Mouth Salvation is out now. How did the creation and recording of the album go?

As usual everything just came spontaneously. We always do what we think sound good. CF have never been a band that decides how a album will sound before we start making the songs. For me its always been important to just let the music come to me without forcing it to sound in a certain way.

Does the album title refer to anything in particular?

Yes and no. When we started to talk about making a new album we said to each other that this might be the last chance for CF. Its now or newer so to speak. So if we don’t make it with this new album we might just as well call it a day and let CF rip.

What are the songs on Gun To Mouth Salvation about?

Abouth things gone wrong in life, things that we hate and all things that make the world a sick place. With that said you also need to know that you also don’t have to take everything in life so seriously, so a lot of sarcasm goes into the lyrics as well.

Gun To Mouth Salvation is the first Carnal Forge album since Testify For My Victims which was released in 2007. Why did it take so long to follow it up?

First of all both me and Jens decided to leave the band, we were just feed up with where the industry where going. We also struggled with members that were not feeling well do to several reasons. I guess that the whole band just felt that to take some time from the band was necessary. We never planed that the break would go on for this many years, that’s just something that happened.

How has the Carnal Forge sound evolved in that time period?

I think that everyone in the band just matured in a way. As you get older you just don’t care so much about what others think. The break that we took made music with CF fun again, and I guess that you can hear that we enjoy playing together again. When you have fun you make good music I guess J

How does it feel to be back?

Fantastic. The response we got so far has been amazing and we are really proud to se that we still have so many of our fans baking us up. This is what we love to do. And hopefully we are here to stay for many years to come.

The album is the first to feature your new vocalist Tommie Wahlberg. What does he bring to the Carnal Forge sound?

He brings pure joy and excellent work ethic. Tommies voice just make everything we do sound more brutal. I actually think that for CF Tommie is the best singer we ever had. He’s just a great guy to have in the band and he loves to make lyrics and sing.

What are your touring plans when the album is released?

We would like to your as much as possible. When the opportunities will come we will for Shure make it happen.

How would you describe a Carnal Forge show to someone who has never seen you live before?

Intense, tight and pure madness 🙂

Will you be playing any of the festivals this summer?

We really hope so. Releasing an album in January makes it hard to get to this years festivals because they already booked all the bands. Hopefully we will get some festivals gigs, we just have to wait and see.

What has been the best festival that you’ve ever played and what made it so memorable?

Wacken open air. Totally sick. We got the whole festival for our self for 35 min on the main stage. Shitloads of people headbanging and making moshpits.

Who have you loved touring with the most?

That’s a hard one. We have toured with so many great band during the years. Im just going to be really polite and say all of them!

Who would you love to tour with in the future?

Slayer, Pantera J, Testament, The Haunted, At the gates to name a few.

How is the Swedish extreme music scene at the moment and what newer bands are you listening to that you could recommend to us?

Orbit Culture is really cool band from Sweden. I also love Port Noir. LIK is also a sick band that I love.

How do you think that extreme metal has changed and evolved since Carnal Forge first started?

I really don’t know. For me its always been the same in a way. I guess that whats different is that many of the bands today have musicians that are out of this word.

What are your favourite memories of the bands early days?

What happens on the road stays on the road 😉 Actually there is so many good memories that it would be impossible to just pick one.

What have been some of the highlights of your time in Carnal Forge?

Gun To Mouth Salvation is for me the highlight of my time in CF. I just feel that the new album is far the best we have done and of course the first tour we ever did with The Haunted. Drunk for 17 days and a shipwreck returning home again, hahahaha.

What is your favourite metal album ever?

At the gates Slaughter of the soul (and many more, hahahaha).

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