Interview: JORD

Interview: JORD

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Interview with the Swedish one-man black/atmospheric metal act, Jord.
Debut album Sol out via Northern Silence Productions.

Please introduce Jord and when did you form this project.
Jord was formed in October 2020. I had just quit working full time and got some well needed time off. And the first thing that came to my mind was that I should record a full solo album. Every morning I went on a long walk through the forest where I lived and all these songs and melodies came to my mind. I just went home and started recording every day in my home studio. The process took six weeks. From the first song written to the finished and mastered album, and a record deal with Northern Silence Records. Big thanks to Torsten!

You have debuted with Sol. Tell me what is the album about.
Sol is mainly a story about a man’s (mine) relationship to Mother Earth. Each song tells a part of the process of finding yourself with her always in the background watching you grow. And guiding you. The pains, the struggles, but also the joy in finding what you were searching for, in you, in nature and her. That’s why I chose to write in Swedish. One song is in English though, it just felt right when I wrote it.

What’ve inspired you to write and then record Sol?
The forest and the force of nature gave me all I needed to write this album. It came so easy. Never before have I written music this fast and easy.

So far, what response have you gotten from the media/people on the album?
I have gotten some really nice and emotional reviews. Some people have even written to me on social media saying the album made them cry. And some are not even speaking the language. So I am very, very happy about the response.

Since Jord is a one man project, do you plan a long term activity? Are you already planning a second release?
Yes, there will be a second album, I have a deal for three albums, so I’m already writing new songs as we speak. And I might put a full band together if there is any promoters wanting to hear it live.

Is there anything else would you like to add?
I have learned so much about my song writing through this album. And my capability to make things happen on my own. So it has been a life changing experience! I hope everyone enjoys listening to my album and the next ones when they hit the stores! And if the CD sells well enough there may also be a vinyl edition.

Thank you Jorgen for your time answering my questions. Rock on!
Thank you Carla for the patience and rock on!

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