Interview: LAMORI

Interview: LAMORI

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Finland’s Lamori will release a new album entitled Neon Blood Fire, due to be out sometime this year via Wormholedeath Records.
Below I had a small talk with Matias (vocals), about the Balkan tour they embarked on in April, as well as discussed a little bit about the new album and what we will expect from this.

Hi Matias, it’s my pleasure talking with you again, how is everything going?
Hi Carla, nice to talk to you again too! I’m doing great, thank you. Summer has come to Finland and everyone has awakened from their long winter slumber.

In April, you were on a Balkan tour, in Bulgaria and Romania, how was the tour going and how did the public respond to your performance?
It was great. But as this was our first tour, we were a bit nervous about how it all would work out. We had never played more than two nights in a row, and now there were nine shows back to back! And we would have to be on the road, sitting in a van for 6-7 hours each day. It definitely was exhausting, and all the booze and us being way past our twenties did not make it easier either, haha! But all the amazing people that showed up to our gigs each night definitely made it worth it.

Too bad I could not attend one of the dates, maybe next time you will play in Bucharest as well. I really wanted to catch you guys!
With the warm welcome we got each night over there, we are definitely coming back!

Soon you’re going to release a new album entitled Neon Blood Fire, and you have released a few singles already. What will you bring this time with the new release?
We tried to go a bit heavier with this one. Both in terms of the instrumental parts and the way I sing, incorporating more growl-ish elements. The previous album had a lot of dark wave influences, this one draws more from industrial metal.

”The Eye of the Storm” is my favorite so far, such a great song. The power in your voice is something I cannot describe, there’s definitely a sway from a little aggression and cleanness in your voice. How do you manage your voice’s sway?
I don’t know actually, it just comes out that way, haha. But I think it’s boring to sing in only one particular way. I want to try new things and find out everything I can do with my voice, keep pushing myself. That is how you evolve.

The thing I like about Lamori’s music is this mix of elements, from gothic, to dark wave, here and there are some atmospheric elements too. Where do you find your inspiration?
I’m a big movie buff, so naturally, I get a lot of inspiration from movies and their soundtracks, both in terms of mood and lyrics. I like older movies, preferably strange ones and I have a weak spot for cheap movies. A couple of years ago I got so sick of contemporary cinema that I only watched movies from the 1970s for two years. I found a lot of good ol’ gems those years.

There was the pandemic, which was a hard time for many of us, especially for the bands and artists. Did you encounter any difficulties during the pandemic with the album recordings or anything else?
We had everything lined up for us in 2020. Our album Neo Noir was released in January of that year. We had a short Easter Tour booked in Finland with four dates. Then a Europe Tour in June with 12 dates. And we were to play at the mighty Exit Festival in Serbia in July. Then everything got canceled. So yeah, that was quite the setback for us. Then we tried again the following year. And it all got canceled again! That is when we decided to go record a new album instead. Now, last year we got to play the Exit Festival and this year we finally got to do our Europe Tour, so things are starting to look good again.

You continued working with Wormholedeath records, what do they mean to you and how’s it still working with them?
We would not be where we are today without Wormholedeath. They have helped us evolve our music. And we are truly thankful for that. They have always been supportive when we have new ideas. Having worked together for so long now, we know what to expect from each other.

To end the interview, is there anything else you’d want to add to the fans and readers?
As everyone knows, it’s a tough business out there for smaller bands. If you like our music, please take some time to follow us on Spotify and like us on Facebook, it really means a lot to us!

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