Interview Lanthanein (By Carla Morton)

Interview Lanthanein (By Carla Morton)

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Interview with Marili, the vocalist of the Argentinian Gothic/Doom metal band.
11002635_658581757587020_2076865127596600403_n Hi Marili, how are you?
Hi Carla, I’m fine, thanks.

Tell me when did Lanthanein was formed?
Lanthanein is a project that began 10 years ago together with my partner during the high school. There were arising ideas, melodies, chords, lyrics. Then I began the career in the conservatoire, and the musical compositions began to take form. Last year we get the resources to enter the studio and… voilà.

You have released an EP this year entitled ”Nocturnalgica”. Tell me about it.
Yes, the EP is a sample of what will be the conceptual disc and the four chosen songs represent the axis of the history. As for the music we try to make the kind of album that we like to hear. We had a very positive response of those who listened to it, even we read favorable reviews of diverse specialized sites, so we are happy.
10444640_634582479986948_5403410516793175050_n Are you going to release a new album soon?
We are finishing the last arrangements to begin to record the conceptual album that will be called “Lágrimas” (Tears). Still we do not have dates or estimated time, but hopefully will be soon.

What are the main influences?
We listen a lot of music, and very varied, but when we sit down to compose is the inspiration the one that guides us, the influences probably are there, but not in a conscious way. Then, once finished the compositions, we add the “metallic” element, for what the final result can sound very different from how we conceive at first… with or without influences.

Any lyrical themes?
On the album in question, we narrate a history influenced by the Gothic and fantastic literature, with all the condiments related to these styles and to the music, suffering and emotional states of human being, The fight between the good and evil,philosophy and spirituallity, and so on.

Are there shows confirmed for this year?
At this moment we are focused in the recording of the disc, and as duo we do not have programmed any concert. Hereinafter, if the circumstances like that need it, we’ll try to establish as band to be able top lay in live.

A message for the people who enjoy Lanthanein?
It’s a pleasure for me to know that the work of so many years is valued, because it’s not easy to do this from the place where we come, even more for the demanding that we are, so we’ll try to excel ourselves song to song in order that the experience of listening Lanthanein will be unique. Thank you all for the support and stay tuned to the news.

Thank you Marili, cheers!
Thanks to you Carla, cheers!

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