Interview Leon del Muerte (Impaled, Terrorizer LA, Murder Construct)

Interview Leon del Muerte (Impaled, Terrorizer LA, Murder Construct)

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Interview with Leon del Muerte, member of Impaled, Terrorizer LA, Murder Construct and others.


Greetings and thank you for your time. At the moments, you are still in Impaled. You have left the band in 2001 and you had been back in 2012. Why did you left and what made you come back in the band?
In 2001, I was the subject of a medical experiment by the US government to attempt to create a “super soldier.” I was endowed with incredible drinking prowess, but not much in the way of useful military skill. I was kidnapped and drugged (by someone else) and pushed out of a jeep into a toxic waste dump somewhere in the hinterlands of southern California. Because of all the drinking, I don’t have much of a sense of direction and it took a while to find my way back to the confines of St. Julien’s hospital. After 11 years of wandering the wastelands, I finally found the place and immediately regretted it.

The latest Impaled release is the one from 2013, ”The Dead Still Dead Remains”. Tell something about it.
It’s full of songs written by imbeciles and reprobates.

Are you going to release something new soon?
The other guys in the band are very busy with their respective bands and I have that whole drinking thing right, so no probably not. We’ll probably fizzle out and fade into obscurity along with bands like Opthnalgargar  and The Death Kids and every band that plays a weekday night at the Whisky A Go Go.

Is there something else you would like to mention about Impaled?
I think those guys should reimburse me for the 11 years of carpooling I had to do to find them again.

You were a member of other metal bands like Exhumed and Phobia.Why did you left these bands?
At some point I became bigger than those bands. My fans on the internet invariably started to ask me why I was in bands with 143 and 189 fans, respectively, when I had 203 fans. Those bands ended up with tens of thousands of fans and I’m now up to 227 fans, so maybe it wasn’t the right choice, but it felt right back then.

Terrorizer LA is one of the active bands as you mentioned, will be a release soon?
I don’t think so. Do you know how hard it is to even attempt to try to write a song to follow up a masterpiece like ”World Downfall’’ ? I get itchy just thinking about it…

Aswell, tell me something about Murder Construct: future plans for a new release, concerts.
We’re just living on our internet fame at the moment. We put out our last album in 2012, and since then I’ve gained like 13 new fans and the rest of the guys like maybe a half dozen, so we don’t feel the need to put out any new material at the moment. We’re just coasting on our internet super-stardom.

What are your personal influences?
I like to try to play super technical death metal bands’ riffs at half the speed and one quarter the talent. That’s what has gotten me this far in my much-vaunted musical career.

Will you be touring soon?
Probably not with Impaled. Those guys give me the willies, if we’re being honest.

What is your opinion about the actual Death metal scene?
You know what they say about opinions: no one cares what yours is.

Cheers Leon, thank you again. Do you have a message for the fans?
Get better idols…!

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