Interview: LIK

Interview: LIK

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Chris Barkensjö of the Swedish death metal act LIK, answered some of my questions about the band’s new release Misanthropic Breed, the band-label relation with Metal Blade, promoting the album during the pandemic and others.

Hi from Antichrist magazine! How things are going there?
Hello! Things are good here.

Tell me about the musical direction you went through Misanthropic Breed.
We went about it as we always do. We go through old stuff, see what is usefull and not, what can be done better and so on. Start off by making demos of embryos of songs that we feel have the ambition of being a good song. We just made songs like we always do, no other direction. That death metal, the way we like it, that is basically.

The album has, somehow, an aggresive sound, with full blasts, fast, then here and there, some slow parts. Is it difficult to keep this transition?
No, not at all. It keeps it more interesting and fun to play for us and more interesting for the listener I think, if there is variation within the songs.

How’ve the recordings went for M B?
It went well considering the pandemic which fucked up our plans to enter a proper studio. Due to that we had to record in our rehearsal studio. It was not what we wanted at all but there was no other way. Because of this the feeling that we normally get while in the studio, didn’t really appear this time but after all, it went well, thank to Lawrence Mackrory (Obey Mastering), kwoing how to push us and get out of the pessimistic zone so to speak.

Since the second album, you are signed with Metal Blade records. How’s working with them?
It’s great! We could not be happier. They believe in us and supports us all the way. We have really great relationship with them, in that sense we are blessed.

How is the feedback so far from the medias and fans?
It’s been overwhelming to say at least. We’re humbled by the response. People seem to be very excited and positive over the record and that’s a proof that we did something right. We have done so many interviews for this release so the interest in us has grown. Like I said, very humbling.

Would you place LIK’s sound on the “classic“ Swedish death metal?

I asked that because it is used today to make comparisons between others bands regarding the sound, then regarding LIK and the Swedish death metal sound, we can think of Entombed, Dismember, do you agree?
Absolutely, no question about it.

No tours at the moment,  so what are you doing to promote the new album?
I know it fucking sucks. We’ll do a lot of interviews and we stay up to date on our social platforms, trying not to post to much non-sense at the moment. Metal Blade are, of course, pushing it hard, but is a tricky situation to say the least.

And how do you guys spend your time during this pandemic?
We hang out and rehearse/jam, work our day jobs, spending time with our families, I also like to work out so I do that like 4-5 times a week, you know, regular stuff.

Do you think that next year, eveything will get back to normal and bands can tour normally again?
No sadly, I don’t think so. It just turned for the worst here is Sweden again. But I want to stay positive so I hope that it will at least lighen up so that we can do shows in like 200-500 capacity clubs. But who knows? All I can say that corona can fuck off!

Let’s hope everything will get better, and I hope to see you soon on the road! Thank you for your time having this interview, it was my pleasure. Cheers!
Thank you for supporting LIK and it was my plasure. Stay safe!

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