Interview Mean Machine

Interview Mean Machine

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An interview with Mean Machine, speed metal band from Spain.


Hi guys, how are you?
Fine, we hope you too.

When did Mean Machine war formed?
We were playing together in another band before 2010, but at the beginning of these year we decided to begin something new, something faster.

The debut album was released last year entitled ”Livin’ Outlaw”. Tell me about it.
It can be resumed as the compilation of our favorite songs during all the years that we have been playing and composing since that release. We make a lot of songs but not all of them are able to be recorded. If after that years, them still like us, maybe it means that are good songs to release hahaha.

Tell me a few words about the EP ”Loud And Proud” from 2012.
The idea is quite similar. Also, one of our targets making songs is trying to do the ones that work better on live performances. We play Rock n Roll music, and one of the main things is to perform powerful shows, so you need songs that sounds powerful on stage.


Are you going to release a new album?
We’re always composing, and we have new stuff of course. Once we see that we’ve got good stuff we will release it. And maybe that point is not too far… who knows.

What are the lyrical themes and what are the influences?
That’s an easy question hahaha… If your influences Lemmy, Bon Scott, Jerry Lee, Punk stuff and all that crew of motherfuckers… maybe you can imagine what are the lyrical topics.

Any shows confirmed for this year?
We’re trying to confirm shows where we didn’t been before. That’s because we don’t want to be always playing the same circuit. Maybe it’s hard to find more gigs outside our nearest cities but it’s necessary.

A message for the Mean Machine fans?
We actually don’t think the correct word are “fans”, maybe call them “people who likes our stuff”. Anyway, we can tell them that if they like what we do, they can be calm, because we are not thinking about to stop.

Thank you, cheers!
Greetings from Barcelona and thanks for being interested on what we do!

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