Interview Mechanical God Creation (By Carla Morton)

Interview Mechanical God Creation (By Carla Morton)

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Interview with Lucy, the vocalist of the Italian Death metal band, Mechanical God Creation.
10464075_802651456412079_6252841264694301537_n Hi Luciana, how are you?
Hi! Very good, just back from Russia . We did 2 gigs with Septic Flesh and was a blast, a big crowd and we had fun with people over there.

Tell me when Mechanical God Creation was formed?
The band was born in Autumn 2006 in Milan with our first guitarist Simo. We met him in a forum after listening some songs he composed. I really liked it and asked him if he wanted to do a death metal band with me. Then we started to search the other members. We had several line-up changes and we played in big shows . We recorded 1 demo and 2 full length in these 6 years. The band members are me, Dave, Mirko, Carlo and Fra.

The latest release is ”Artifact Of Annihilation” from 2013. Tell me about it.
It is an album with 11 technical death metal tracks, we sold a lot of albums especially in Japan and people liked it a lot . It was recorded at Math Lab and Alpha Omega studio and mixing/mastering at Garage Studio in Canada from Chris Donaldson of Criptopsy .
10273413_776564909020734_8017263560959315884_n Also, how the recordings were going on the first debut album from 2010 ”Cell XIII”?
“Cell XIII” helped us to find the perfect way to develop a composing process, a musical alchemy that sadly has been lost later on, since some members left the band. The album was born from the wish to express our inner, undeclared and huge anger.We had a decent response and I think we started very well.

What are the lyrical themes and who mainly writes the music?
All together work on lyrics and music. Our lyrics reflect the daily reality and the problems we all face in the time we’re living that is so full of very important and sudden changes from the cultural, political and technological point of view.

Are you going to release a new album soon?
Of course! We are already working on our new songs and hope next year to enter in the studio. We played a lot these mounths so didn’t have much time for composition.

Any influences?
My influences are Morbid Angel, Cannibal Corpse , Deicide, Septic Flesh, Dissection and many more.

Are there any shows confirmed for this year?
As I told before we played last week in Russia and now we are planning other gigs in Italy and I hope abroad too. At the moment nothing is confirmed yet.

Do you have a message for the fans?
I just want to say to them that their support is really important for us and hope to meet them all very soon . We really like to have fun with them after shows . Fans are the best thing that make you continue in what you like.

Thank you for the answers, cheers to you Lucy!
Thank you too, thanks for your time and interest in our band!

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