Interview: Meltdown

Interview: Meltdown

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Meltdown is a metal band from Norway which have released their debut album, Answers, 2 years ago, but this year it was re-released via WormHoleDeath records. To find out about the album and other stuffs related to the band, below is an interview I had with Jørgen , the guitar player of Meltdown.

Greetings Jorgen, how are things going? At first as readers to know, tell me about the Meltdown’s formation.
Things are just great. There is a good vibe inside the band and the creativity is blossoming. Spring is finally starting to knock at our door. The formation is 2 singers, one growl and one clean, two guitarist, bass and drums. Two vocalists has been a choice from the beginning. We wanted lot of melody and a lot of energy and power. We think we have succeeded in doing so.

You debuted with ”Answers” which is out via WormHoleDeath records. The album was actually recorded 2 years ago and now you have decided to release it with a label.
We released our debut  album on a local non-profit label almost 2 years ago. It was all coincidences that made WormHoleDeath records pick us up and rerelease the album.  It all happened because our very good Thomas Bolverk Hansen sent the album to WormHoleDeath records and they liked it enough to give us a distribution deal.

Speaking more about the album, on what musical direction you went through it?
Our musical direction is that Meltdown is band where everybody can tribute. We praise the idea of making music together all six of us.

The song ”Mariana Trench” was online as a preview, what was the response from people, zines to the song and to the album aswell?
The response has been nearly all good. We have gotten many very good reviews. Some people hate us and it is nearly always because of the band’s two vocalists. Some people love it and some don’t, especially in the northern countries as  Norway and Denmark, we just don’t seem to fit in the metal scene cause of our 2 vocalists.

You just mentioned Meltdown having 2 vocalists, one doing the clean vocals and the other one doing the growls, why did you decide that is needed 2 vocalists in the band?
As said earlier we wanted the contrast of 2 such different vocalist. We think it gives us an edge a lot of other bands don’t have. Gives us a big landscape to work in. We don’t just want to be a totally angry band or a soft one.

Do you have in mind to shoot a video for one of the album songs?
The plans are more or less ready but it all comes down to economics. We just don’t have the money yet.

I can hear a lot of groovy elements in your album, based on this, how do you describe the main genre are you playing?
We play metal with elements of metal core. We are influenced by everything from old school metal up to modern metal as metal core, deathcore, hardcore etc. We play whatever comes naturally and what ever that gives us a good feeling.

What are the metal bands you take them as your influence?
Bands like Kiss, Iron Maiden, For the Fallen Dreams, Parkway Drive, Killswitch Engage, Volbeat, Bullet For My Valentine and the list goes on and on.

Have you started to write materials for a new album?
Definitely! Progress is well on its way. There will just be working with new material for the next months. We will do some concerts to the autumn. Before there will complete focus on new material.

I’ve seen a few shows confirmed for you, but are you planning a tour over Europe?
We have been talking about it. It all comes back to economics and being able to take the time of. We are all family fathers with kids and jobs so not so easy to get this done. But we have been talking and looking at the possibility for something during 2018.

Definitely I’d like to see you on stage soon and hope for it. Thank you for the interview Jorgen, rock on!
Hope we can see you out there somewhere sometime.  So proud and thankful that you did this interview with us! Stay Metal!

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