Interview Mork

Interview Mork

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A second interview I had about Mork. The Norwegian black metal have released a new album, but more details about all these you will find here reading the interview.


Greetings Thomas, my pleasure talking with you again, how things are going?
Things are really good. Like before I am working hard with my passion; Mork. I released the second album in February and at the same time had the first official norwegian live shows. Good feedback on both the album and shows, so, things are really good.

In the first interview we had, we spoke about the previous Mork releases and other stuffs. Now let’s focus more on the newest release, ”Den Vandrende Skygge”, how the recordings went?
I started recording the new album almost right after the debut album was finished. I had the fire and vision and had to keep on creating. It was not recorded in one week like the debut but over a bit longer time. The music was made quite early but the vocals was done over a bit longer stretch of time. I feel that I nailed the sound on this album and that it makes the atmosphere really strong. “I Sluket Av Myra” was recorded very early and when I played it back I understood that I had stumbled over real magic.

What does it mean  ”Den Vandrende Skygge”?
Directly translated it means; “The Wandering Shadow”. To me it symbolizes the old, grim, cold and true spirit that roams inside the norwegian forests and the spirit of norwegian black metal.


This albums is also featuring the known member of Darkthrone, Nocturno Culto. 
Yes, I was lucky to persuade him into participating on the track “Hudbreiderens Revir”. The song is a tribute to a mutual friend of ours and it felt right to have Ted put vocals on it. It’s, of course a huge thing for me to have him involved when you consider that Darkthrone is my biggest influence. He is a great guy and musician and I am forever grateful.

Recently was released a slip album also togheter with Visuri and Ancient Obscurity. Whose idea was about this split? Are the Mork tracks from this split taken from the newest release?
I was contacted by Ancient Obscurity about participating in a split. Both of the bands are from Finland and I thought that would be a good idea and a opportunity to spread Mork in their country. Nice and dedicated guys that are eager to get black metal out there. I have two tracks on this split, one taken from the new album and the other is exclusive for the split. “Den Lukkede Porten” from the album and “Da Det Tynnes Ut” is the exclusive one.

You were on stage at Blastfest (NOR), had a few gigs with the Norwegian band Order,I suppose you had a blast there, soon you’ll be at InfernoFest (NOR), any other shows confirmed?
I never performed at Blastfest, I had a stand where I promoted Mork. It was really nice and I sold some merch and CD’s as well as I met fans from around Europe. Meeting these people was a great thing and proof that Mork is getting a name outside Norway. The gigs with Order has been awesome. The two bands click well together and cooperate good. There will be more Mork/Order gigs after they have made their debut album. Mork will appear at the Inferno Festival this easter, which will be a highpoint in my career, for sure. Theres a festival in Denmark in April and more norwegian shows coming up. Theres also a couple of smaller tours being planned. I urge people to visit Mork’s facebook and homepage for news and tour dates.

Beside concerts, what other plans Mork has?
I am working on new music, obviously. There’s plenty of new materials and darkness to be spread. Maybe more special guest-appearances too  I have never released any lyrics, so a lyric-book is in consideration. If people want it, that is. Plans are to keep pushing Mork out to the world of Black Metal. It is a almost 24/7 job and hobby. And I won’t give it up!

New bands appear on the Norwegian metal scene as it seems, how do you see this?
I am a very conservative music lover. I do not explore much new music and such. It’s an awful habit, but I am
guilty of keeping to the classics.  However, I am aware that there is new bands blooming all over. Technology and possibilities today are astonishing. Everyone has the ability to do something.  Hey, Mork has made a name, then everyone else can too. There’s one crucial thing that still matters, though.. And that is quality. There are plenty of good quality musicians and bands that work hard and do get exposure. But the crappy ones stays unknown.. That’s fair.

Ending this interview with a message for the band’s supporters…?
Thank you. Basically, thank you very much for the support. Mork will keep the black flame burning.  Mork is also a live band that will play wherever it is booked. Go and tell your local promoters to book us! Hope to see you on tour!

Thank you Thomas again, hope to see you soon! Hails!
It’s great to be included by you. Thanks! Keep supporting the underground!

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