Interview: MORK

Interview: MORK

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Norwegian black metal act, Mork, released an EP at the end of November, entitled as Pesta, I’d say an interesting release name, framing today’s situation caused by covid pandemic. As well, the black metallers moved quite fast, as they already announced the release of a brand new album called Katedralen, due to be out on March via Peaceville records.
Once again, I had the pleasure to have a few words with Mork’s mastermind, Thomas Eriksen, who answered some of my questions, about the EP and the full length, working with Darkthrone and Sarke’s Nocturno Culto, podcasting and others.

Couldn’t be a better name for a release, “naming“ today’s pandemic situation, Pesta. When have you decided to release this EP?
It all started with me finding out that Theodor Kittelsen’s drawings “Pesta i Trappa” and “Musstad” was based on real places, and got to set up a photoshoot there. I thought it would be cool just to release those photos as a thing, until a friend of mine changed my mind. He basically said; “why don’t you make a single from it, too?”. That’s the story. I got Peaceville on board, who wanted a full EP. So, then I put my cover and a couple of live tracks on there too.

The EP has a Burzum cover too, and speaking of it, I think you know about the issue with Facebook and how Varg/Burzum posts, no matter which those are (videos, links, pictures), they are being banned, due to not corresponding to their standards. What’s your comment on this?
I think it is really sad that the people behind these social medias aren’t able to separate the art from the person. I don’t care at all or agree with the man’s opinions and views, but I am into his art.

A new album is already announced, entitled as Katedralen, due to be released next spring. As well, this album will feature members of Darkthrone, Kampfar, Skepticism. Is not the first time you are working with Nocturno Culto. What can you tell me more about the new album and working with Nocturno Culto?
The title and inspiration for the album is something I’ve had with me for many years. The “Katedralen” theme was originally thought out as being a concept EP, but that never went further then it being an idea. Now I brought it back again and named the album after it. It’s not a concept album, though the tracks fit nicely together. My best effort this far. Ted (Nocturno) and me are good friends, so it was a very relaxed and easy decision and process. The first time he recorded vocals for me, on the Den Vandrende Skygge album, I did not know him too well. So, back then he recorded at his own place and sent the track via postage. This time, however, he came to my studio and we had a nice weekend hang as well. Great guy, legend!

Once again, the album will be relesed through Peaceville records. How’s the label-band relationship with them going?
This is my 7th physical release together with Peaceville, which says alot. We have close contact and work well together.

Since this covid pandemic started, you found a new hobby , let’s say, doing podcasts, having different guests, from bands, such as Darkthrone, Dimmu Borgir, Tsjuder, Order, Endezzma and others. Whent the podcast idea arose to you?
Well, I have been a fan of podcasts for a while now. And I have also been fantasizing about perhaps being on one or even hosting one for myself. The same weekend the pandemic hit Norway, we had to cancel a show in Bergen. That night I had a few beers and sat alone at home a little bit buzzed. That’s when I decided to start doing this.

So far, what was the most interesting guest you had, in your opinion?
I think they all have been great, really. A couple of extra fun ones was to learn about what Manheim did after Mayhem, and get to pick Fenriz’s brain a bit, poor guy.

I guess is an interesting activity to do, even now… Who will be the next guests, if you can mention.
I have a couple big ones on the hook, so let’s see. Should be great.

How do you see the situation by next year, regarding touring? Do you think it will be better?
I have no idea. However, both the band and the booking agency continue to push on and book new dates. The hope is always to be able to go out there. There’s alot of great things on the calendar as if today, so fingers crossed upside down.

Thanks Thomas for the interview, it was my pleasure talking with you, again! Hope to see you soon!
Pleasure is mine. Hope to play your country soon than later!

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