Interview Mortuary Drape

Interview Mortuary Drape

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Here is an interview I had with Wildness Perversion, the vocalist of the Italian Black metal band, Mortuary Drape.

Thank you for this interview. As metalheads to know, make a little history about Mortuary Drape’s foundation.
At the time I was young and everything was different, both in social and music contexts and as pesonal and spiritual evolution. We were firstly a small group of people that shared a spiritual research which only during ’86 evolved in music. As a consequence, Mortuary Drape was born as a need to make real that exoteric experiences in the ordinary reality through music, sounds, vibrations. We needed to put in music our experiences and this was the starting point that brought us where we are now. Every reader can read our bio on our website.

”Spiritual Independence” is the latest full-lenght. Talk about it.
With this new album we intended to return back to our roots and to our own sound. As I always stated, ’’’Buried in Time’’ sounded too much Death metal and it couldn’t represent perfectly the Mortuary Drape’s essence.  So I wanted to return back to our typical sound, the one that we and also our fans recognize as the Mortuary Drape’s trademark.  The writing was natural, every member knew what to do to reach our right sound. We used that same equipment employed during all the witches dance’s recording session to make it sound rotten and evil like in the 90’s.

Togheter with the Italian Black metal band, Necromass, you have a split under the name of ”Dance of Spirits/Ordo Equilibrium Nox”. Who came with the idea of this split? 
The label Funeralindustries asked us to record a new material. We were in contact with Nrecromass too, planning something only-Italian. At the end the label liked the idea and we recorded together this split. We are considering other offers, but before to start something else we prefer to see the result of this new production.

One of my favorite Mortuary Drape’s album is ”Buried In Time”. Have you good a nice feedback for this release? 
Well, it’s surely a part of our musical and spiritual path but as I always stated, ’’Buried In Time’’ sounded too much Death metal and it couldn’t represent perfectly the Mortuary Drape’s essence, also our fans felt it. Indeed the overall response was not so positive. When we talk with our fans they often talk about this discrepancy between ”Buried in Time’’ and the rest of the other records.  We followed the former productor’s advices and the result was a misrepresenting sound. With the exception of a couple of songs, the others are too complex and lack of right atmosphere… I think that something easy to remember is something that remains forever, something hard to keep in mind is something next to disappear and we believe that this album is hard to keep in mind. This doesn’t mean I regret about it,  indeed we always play ”Ectoplasm’’ and who calls me during our shows, but we play them with the standard tune, with different guitar sounds, to make them sound more Mortuary Drape.

As the band was born around 1986, the debut album was released in 1995 entitled ”All The Witches Dance”. Why took almost 10 years to release the first album? 
In the beginning we were a group which shared the need of occult experiences. After three years we felt the need to give a shape to these experiences and we choosed music as method of communication. We waited the right moment to take the next step, we did the same for spiritual independence, and if this is the result we will wait again the right moment to record new material.


Are you going to release a new album soon?
We are considering some offers to release brand new songs, we are working on a best-of and we are preparing 2 different setlist for the next gigs. Anyway we are working on new riffs and ideas too, but at the moment they are just raw ideas which need to be refined.

Which are the main lyrical themes and what inspires all you to create Mortuary Drape’s music? 
The main theme is always our experience in the occult world. We don’t fantasize like the most, we describe our experience in occult and spiritual research. Also the musical research is part of this path and sometimes our riffs, our solos complete the lyrics, creating a symbiosis between different methods of emotional expression.

Which was the first tour you had? 
Our first tour was promoted by Nazgul Eyrie after the Secret Sudaria release. We played 5 concerts in Germany with Mayehemic Truth and Countess. It was a mayhem, especially in Berlin where we found really devoted die-hard fans.

Seeing on the social media sites, this year you are going to tour in South America, Any other gigs confirmed for this year?
Well, South America apart, we have confirmed 2 gigs in Greece in April and Denmark in July. We are trading for other gigs and tour but I can’t state nothing at the moment.

Mortuary Drape had a lot of line-up changes aswell, you are the only original member seem. 
The reasons are simple: somebody quitted playing, others play now different kinds of music in minor situations. Every line-up is a step of our growth and musical evolution. If it’s a step forward or backward, we can’t know.

What do you think about the metal scene in Italy, especially the Black metal scene? 
We are really “into” the Italian underground scene, for choice or circumstances… I think that there are many good bands, but the black metal scene changed a lot in these last years. For me one of the most important bands I can mention is Death SS, they have a glorious past, actually not tied to the extreme music but to the thematics.

What is your message for the fans? 
Never give up the metal scene. If the metal scene is dying and a lot of great venues are closing down it’s due to the low interest in real music. Hang in there and the people will be aware again and say fuck off to all this shitty dj’s and prepackaged fake music so popular in these last years!

Again thank you Wild for this interview all hails and hope to see you soon!
Thank you for the interview and take a look to our website and facebook to get news. Search always your Spiritual Independence… See you in Hell! 

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