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I really wanted as someday to have the chance to interview the well known Doom metal band, My Dying Bride.
Then, here it is, you can read a nice interview I had with MDB mastermind, Aaron Stainthrope, talking about the 13th new album entitled as Ghost Of Orion, as well other interesting things.

Nice having this interview with you, Aaron! Let’s begin with Ghost Of Orion concept. What is it about?
Aaron: It can be about whatever you want it to be about. I have a design and theory for it in my mind which is where it will stay until I feel I want the world to know. But until then, I am enjoying reading what our loyal fans have come up with, which is fascinating.

Is it Neil’s (Blanchett) first releae with MDB. What was his involvement in the album writing process? Same about Jeff Singer…
Aaron: Sadly, Neil came to us after the recording so doesn’t appear on Orion but it was a very different tale for Jeff. Our previous drummer left on the eve of recording but luckily the studio engineer, Mark Mynett, knew Jeff (they were in a band called Kill II This together a few years ago) so gave him a ring and luckily for us, he was able to come down right away. His kit was already in the studio too as he had been working on some music with Mark the previous day, so that was another bonus. Jeff jumped behind the kit and got learning the music immediately and completed his task in around ten days which was amazing.

But Andrew wrote the entire album, is that correct?
Aaron: Pretty much yes. I believe there was input from Lena and Shaun too but I have no idea to what extent that was as I was completely out of the whole writing process due to other matters.

What can you tell me about the cover artwork? What is the connection of this with the album title?
Aaron: The wonderful cover was painted by Eliran Kantor and is his interpretation of the whole LP, as I had sent him the lyrics for inspiration. There is a connection with the title but we are keeping that a secret until a little more time passes as it adds a certain air of mystery about the whole thing.

You are now signed to Nuclear Blast, after many years being signed with Peaceville records. What made you decide and change the label this time?
Aaron: We felt that we had much more to give and that a bigger label with more influence could help us spread the good word of MDB across the globe better. Our contract with Peaceville had expired so we looked around for a new deal and thankfully Nuclear Blast were at the forefront and as they are quite a big mover and shaker, we naturally signed with them. We still love our Peaceville friends and will always help them with re-releases if they need us to.

My Dying Bride turns 30 years of activity this year. What you thought about a DVD or anything else to celebrate?
Aaron: It’s a little odd now that we are on Nuclear Blast as they only have the new LP and Peaceville have all the others so it’s really up to the British label to put something interesting out but I have heard nothing much from them so sadly, it looks like we will be celebrating 30 years in the business in isolation with no special release. Oh well. Perhaps when we reach 40 years we might do something special.

What are the best moments in these 30 years MDB have experienced?
Aaron: There are so many! Touring with Iron Maiden was great because we also played in their football team too which was brilliant. The Dio tour in the US back in 1996 was also amazing. Supporting Metallica in Athens was another highlight! We have never had a manager so myself and Andrew make all the decisions and we are very happy at what we have created so far.

Basically, you’re an independent band, without a management behind. Is this good for you this way, without having a manager to handle almost everything for you?
Aaron: It is hard work and takes a lot of the fun out of being in a band but of course it gives us 100% control of everything we do. If we make a good decision, then we all enjoy the benefits and if we make a bad one, then it’s us that has to bear that burden but we have hardly made any decisions with a negative outcome so we are happy so far. It is great not having a person telling us what to do all the time just to make a profit.

I know that had been difficult times for you, when your daughter was very sick. I hope she is fine now! How that affected you writing new music?
Aaron: It was a terrible time for sure and it did affect the way I wrote but more in a different way rather than a negative way. It is still raw for me and I have no idea how it will affect my writing in the future. I cannot dwell too much on this terrible time as it will really bring me down so I must learn to move on and not live in terrible darkness forever.

What’s your opinion on doom metal today? Have you listened or discovered new doom bands lately?
Aaron: The scene is huge these days which is great. Recently I have been enjoying Tomorrows Rain, In Ruin, Zeresh which aren’t necessarily „Doom” but have a luxurious dark quality. There are so many more too. I get about ten new bands a week contacting me so it’s hard to listen to them all but I’m working my way through them.

How do you like to spend your free time? Certain activities that relax you?
Aaron: I love reading so try to do as much of that as I can as well as listening to music in the evenings. I have not actually watched any movies or even TV for over 2 months which is actually quite soothing. Spending a lot of time with my daughter is top of my likes.

Thank you for your time Aaron! All the best to you and hope to see you on the road soon!
Aaron: Thank you too. Have a lovely day and wash your hands! Cheers, Aaron.

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