Interview Palinopsia (By Carla Morton)

Interview Palinopsia (By Carla Morton)

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 Interview with Will Morse, the drummer of the American Doom/Sludge metal band Palinopsia.
11058213_1596623420605351_6436250592310071821_n Hi Will, how are you?
Hey not bad, thanks for doing this!

When did Palinopsia was formed?
Well Macaulay and I began writing songs together in September of 2014. We wrote an EP more on the hardcore/grind side of things, hated it, and scrapped it almost immediately. A few weeks after the abandonment of those songs we began toying around with slower, riff heavier tunes. We wanted to create something atmospheric and emotive while keeping the visceral intensity of more traditional hardcore. Johnny was brought in on bass, Haydn on Vocals, and Palinopsia was born. We started writing the material found on the EP in January of 2014.

This year you have released an EP entitled ”Murmurs From The Well Nothing More”. Tell me about it.
Murmurs was a first attempt, a demo, and a proof of concept. As a group we are committed to to blending our influences in a way that is cohesive and readable to our audience. People are pretty obsessed with labeling and diminishing bands to a genre or subgenre and honestly I think its pretty silly. I can’t imagine pausing during the writing process and saying something like “scrap that part, it’s not doom enough” or whatever. That channel of thinking is extremely confining. I think a pretty surefire way to make a successful piece is to simply play with equally competent musicians and see what comes out.
11392910_1592066577727702_7549215190159431584_n Are you going to release new materials soon?
I hope! We’re kind of scattered this summer. I’m in New Hampshire, Macaulay and Haydn are in Vermont, and Johnny’s in Pennsylvania. I know Macaulay writes and records ideas for guitar parts with his photo booth webcam at all hours of the night. We’ll probably end up developing those ideas in September and hopefully going to record sometime late winter.

What are the band’s influences?
Band wise the list is endless but a few that come to mind are Tom Waits, Eyehategod, Sleep, Black Sabbath, Darkthrone, Thou, and Dystopia. As well as everyday shit in our personal lives like windowless double wide trailers in rural Vermont, backpacks we found in the woods full of guns and wet clothes, and union made preservative free Labatt Ice.

Any lyrical themes?
The image I always bring up is hairless mammals writhing in half sleep. Macaulay writes the lyrics and so I can’t speak directly for him but it seems he’s interested in the idea of the population groveling in this almost surrealist wasteland, craving this elusive heaven that doesn’t exist.

Are there shows confirmed for this year?
A few in September and October. The details are still being ironed out. Check out our facebook page for updates.

A message for the fans?
Be patient please!

Thank you Will, cheers!
Thank you!

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